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single word domains

  1. R

    _co_uk Sampled

    Sampled.co.uk owned since February 2010 this domain has rights to the .uk £175 BIN Near offers invited, thanks, P.
  2. stevew

    Single Word Domains Wanted

    We are currently looking for a selection of good single word domains in .co.uk and .com All categories. Regards Steve
  3. A

    _org_uk Single word generics with local exacts indicated

    Single word generic .org.uk's, GKT local exacts shown. PM then post sold to claim, buyer pays Nominet fee, bacs payment only. £250 each solitaire 90,500 telescope 74,000 £100 each mannequin 74,000 leotards 33,100 stethoscope 27,100 £75 each pergola 18,100 condor 14,800 corsage 12,100...
  4. I

    _co_uk Akimbo

    Akimbo.co.uk is a distinctive and fun sounding .co.uk domain name with various possible connotations. It was registered by us over 8 years ago and the renewal date is Jan 7th 2010. It has never been parked or developed... so no stats. available at present. Offers considered over £120 +...
  5. I

    _co_uk Readable.co.uk

    Readable.co.uk could be used for a book review site etc or for software / guidance to help the sight impaired / blind people find accessible sites on the web. I just discovered we own this domain. It was registered since Jan 2000, and the renewal date is Jan 2010. It is through a different...
  6. I

    Songbirds, Staccato, Fantasize + 10 single word domains

    Labourer, Songbirds, Staccato, Fantasize + 12 single word domains Please email or PM me with offers, or for pricing requests on these quality single word .co.uk domains. Big discount for bulk purchase of 3 or more domains. Except.co.uk Fantasize.co.uk Fascinated.co.uk Labourer.co.uk...
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