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  1. srccode

    _org_uk Car Accessories Affiliate Website PR3 W/Earnings, 5k+ Uniques/month

    Established with a PR3 with a total of 52 sales since 1st May 2012 (£100 in July). The site promotes car accessories for amazon, the products are at an ideal price to tie in with Amazon's £7 cap for this category. Traffic and serp's are gradually improving, Alexa rank massivly increasing -...
  2. Deltrus

    _co_uk christmasgiftsite

    christmasgiftsite.co.uk Offers by PM please.
  3. F

    Opinions welcome

    Hi there I have a semi-established motoring blog/help site for a hot hatch. I'm after opinions in general on how to improve the site, be that aesthetically, or functionally. Ideally I could do with ideas on how to improve the monetisation of the site. Cheers! http://www.106gti.co.uk
  4. M


    I hope I don't get into trouble with this as really I am looking not just for a domain appraisal but an actual site appraisal. nin-ten-do.com Of course you will recognize the brand name as the videogame manufacturer, however broken up into three Japanese words like this the meaning is...
  5. khalid

    _co_uk Nutritionist - One word generic, page 1

    Hi all, Nutritionist dot co dot uk is for sale. This one word generic is currently floating between position 9 and 11 for the term "nutritionist" and would be a fantastic project for someone with time. I was going to set it up similar to chiropractor dot co dot uk and resell it like I...
  6. J

    My sites can't be recovered thereby my domain names are to be sold.

    2 domain names below are used for the websites of 'Hill Myna Global', '.com' is for English one, '.cn' is for Chinese one. I have to sell them because my websites can't be recoverd since the database is damaged. My sites are very promising with potential that more and more popular hill mynas are...
  7. khalid

    DirtyTextMessages.net - Ranks 1st in Google!

    Hi all, another site from me! Site: Dirty Text Messages Ranks 1 in Google for "Dirty Text Messages" 99% of Traffic is from US Earns close to $2 per day Potential earnings much higher Screenshots... Satistics: ImageShack - Image Hosting :: statsua9.jpg Visits: ImageShack -...
  8. Alien

    _org_uk FreeBlog.org.uk - Blog Host Site (PR3), with excellent Google results

    For Sale: FreeBlog.org.uk (Blog Host) Free Blog Site/Host (PR3), Paying Subscriber Options URL: FreeBlog.org.uk - Free blog service, create and view all kinds of blogs! Established: August 2007 Google Pagerank: 3 Description: FreeBlog.org.uk FreeBlog.org.uk - free blogs! Create &...
  9. Alien

    _co_uk sitelogs.co.uk (Cheap £BIN)

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