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  1. Jaffaman

    _co_uk JumpStilts

    Jump Stilts are a popular Worldwide Product JumpStilts.co.uk is:- An Aged Domain A Worldwide Product An Exact Match Domain A Dictionary Words domain Is Easy to Spell Is Easy to Remember Passes the Radio Test £145 Cheers.
  2. T

    DomainLore Auction sportslockers.co.uk

    UNSOLD For further interest please PM. Thanks
  3. C

    _co_uk www.raleighcycles.co.uk 14 years old

    Raleighcycles.co.uk open to offers on this great domain Register 17-Nov-1999 pm me if interested raleighcycles.co.uk. This domain contains only letters which is generally optimal for higher value and desirable domains. An ok domain, generally desirable especially if it forms a...
  4. Alien

    _co_uk MyFootballForum.co.uk - with traffic

    MyFootballForum.co.uk Offers welcome. :) Domain parked on my server, consistently has around 150-200 approx UVs per month (see AW Stats below). Great name to develop into a thriving forum community and previously had one years ago (see Archive.org). NB: Payment preferred via BACS...
  5. T

    _org_uk golfshop

    Offers invited for this keyword rich niche domain golfshop.org.uk Suitable for affiliate marketing/site LE: 40000+ Thanks S
  6. S

    _co_uk SportDriven.co.uk - Established Sports Sponsorship Marketplace For Sale

    More than just a website This your chance to buy an established online business within the sports marketing industry with genuine earning potential. What is Sport Driven? Launched in mid 2009 and currently in it's second phase of public beta, Sport Driven (www.sportdriven.co.uk) is the...
  7. alex

    Appraisal: WimbledonTennis.eu

    I was just wondering what people thought this was worth. I have listed it for sale in the 'eu domain names for sale' section and though I have a rough idea of how much I would like, I just wanted some opinions. Unfortunately traffic is low, no PR and low revenue, that said I haven't developed...
  8. itrends

    [FOR SALE] sportobsessive.com - sports domain for forum, news etc

    Offering up sportobsessive.com today. Perfect for a sports website that can be split down into any sport you want. Means you can run a football, golf, cricket, olympics etc forum, news stream, blog or community site under the one domain. Perhaps even sub domains of...
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