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  1. Helmuts

    Are your gpu crypto miners switched off?

    Many people are getting out the mining business and are selling their miners or swapping them for something else. I have some great names available for swap (mostly 2letter .be) for the right miners. Do you mine crypto as well?
  2. VSC

    uk 44 Supplement Related Domains, Many EMDs

    Hi, Open to a swap for the domain list below. Various expiry dates from 8 days to year+. Looking for good self-help; motivation; happiness; related domain/s. Either reply by PM or in post. acai-gum.co.uk acaioffer.co.uk acaisupplements.co.uk africanmangosupplements.co.uk...
  3. D

    _co_uk GoldPlan Swap for.coms - some high ranking

    Looking to swap (or sell) some .co.uk domains for some .coms. Interested in anything brandable or keyword friendly that you may have - even risky stuff. Most below with GoDaddy or Heart Internet, so would ideally like the .coms with GoDaddy if poss. WhereDo .co.uk Perfect for an...
  4. squarerobot

    Need a blog domain

    Anyone have any generic/fun blogging related domains? I'm fancying a rebrand of my existing blog and looking for a new domain. I have a few interesting domains I may be willing to swap for the right domain: fuelsaving-guide.com nakedcarwash.co.uk realityinvasion.co.uk stolenfocus.com...
  5. J

    _co_uk liveme.co.uk

    Cancelled This thread is now closed. Refer to the new thread for more info and better explanation.
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