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  1. Jaffaman

    _co_uk AvoidingTax.co.uk

    AvoidingTax.co.uk Avoiding Tax is legal - Evading Tax isn't! This domain name for providing a legal tax service or a website with information on avoiding tax is perfect for.. Accountants Tax Consultants VAT Consultants Offers Cheers
  2. Jaffaman


    AvoidingTax.co.uk Perfect name for accountants, tax consultants or VAT consultants or a directory of any/all of these. £275 for quick sale. Buyer pays Nominet fees. Cheers Jaffaman.
  3. M


    Great name which we're now looking for offers on. Please make offers via PM Thanks Mat
  4. paymatters

    Umbrella Company/Contractor/Tax/Payroll/IR35

    Looking for domains in the above categories with traffic for a business of mine (PayMatters). PayMatters specialise in Umbrella Company solutions for contractor pay/tax. Good phrases include: UmbrellaCompany UmbrellaCompanies ContractorAccountants ITContractors IR35 ContractorTax...
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