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  1. cunhasaude

    EPrevision.com - Since 2000

    EPrevision.com Registrar: Hostinger Renewal Price: $14,16 Renewal Date: 2023-02-21 Announced on: Dan.com Buy Now: $5,000 Lease to own: $109/month Minimum Offer: $3,500
  2. I

    sbnn.co.uk SEO domain for auction on Domainlore.uk DR45, DA 41

    SBNN.co.uk at Auction on Domainlore.uk No reserve. Previous use was the Scottish Business News Network. Described as "SBNN is a Scottish business news resource dedicated to publishing business news for Scottish business about Scottish business. The "News Network" comprises of dedicated...
  3. Howie Crosby

    BlackPhosphorus.co.uk The New Wonder Material! ( +.uk )

    BlackPhosphorus.co.uk + .uk Currently 90 EXACT searches per month via Google £1.71 CPC Medium Competition. The New Wonder Material! Yes it's true, search for 'black phosphorus' via Google and virtually at the top of the organics is a post with this title from technologyreview .com "The...
  4. N

    a technology to monetize Chinese traffic domains

    Hi everybody, we got a technology to monetize Chinese traffic domains that generate no revenue at all from the current parking provider. If you happened to have such domains, please feel free to contact us.
  5. Sprocketman

    _co_uk NTFS - 4 Letter, CCCC, Generic and Brandable

    For all of us geeks: NTFS .co.uk - 12,078 local searches, high value domain - trademark free! Perfect for a tech co. or group. PM me with any questions/offers PayPal and/or Sedo Thanks!
  6. S

    One Word Domain

    I would like to purchase a one-word .co.uk, for under £500. This is for a technology related website, so something that would be considered 'geeky' would be just great. I look forward to your feedback.
  7. Z


    HoloTechnology.co.uk Your appraisal would be appreciated
  8. M


    Hello, Any thoughts on this one ? I am in need of money to start a new project by the end of this June, Just trying to collect money from the domains I have invested in.. :) wish me luck.
  9. I

    _co_uk Caststream.co.uk

    Hello, Selling CastStream.co.uk http://sedo.co.uk/search/details.php4?domain=caststream.co.uk Please make offer.
  10. B

    Several domains for rent

    All7Star.com - $80/month AllAffordables.com - $20/month AllTimeWear.com - $30/month NewTechArrivals.com - $20/month TopStreetFood.com - $40/month WebRecents.com - $80/month ZZTravels.com - $30/month
  11. I

    _co_uk dvctechnology.co.uk - Low BIN

    Hello Looking for offers for: dvctechnology.co.uk Very low BIN
  12. I

    _co_uk 359 names: inc: LLL, LLLL, click and all sectors

    Cannot edit "title thread": No LLL: should read NLN ------------------------------------------------- Hello, I am looking for offers on the whole list or happy to sell individual domains: 123tires.co.uk 123tyres.co.uk 2x3.co.uk abdera.co.uk acastus.co.uk achile.co.uk achiles.co.uk...
  13. I

    _org_uk Portfolio 35 domains: health, travel, renewable energy, technology, charity

    Hello, I am looking for offers on the following lot: 3dhdtv.org.uk backitup.org.uk bingedrinker.org.uk bingedrinkers.org.uk binger.org.uk bingers.org.uk biocombustible.org.uk biocombustibles.org.uk click2donate.org.uk clicktodonate.org.uk clicktogive.org.uk dentisthungary.org.uk...
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