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  1. Thom

    uk Theme.me.uk & VideoTemplates.co.uk & PhotographerPortfolios.co.uk

    Grab yourself a bargain today :) All names @ namecheap.com. Push to your namecheap account or transfer out. PayPal or UK bank transfer. Any offers considered! Most of these were for our customer's projects (i'm a developer) but for example the customer pulled out or the project was...
  2. srccode

    New "Responsive" Fresh Store Builder Templates

    Nearly completed another two templates for v.3x hope to release soon this weekend, will be either available from my site or the fsb marketplace... Both templates are mobile and tablet responsive with full control over side blocks with the ability to turn them on or off on each page...
  3. srccode

    New FSB Template

    I've just finished a new fresh store builder template. demo: http://www.freshstoretemplates.com/shopdeluxe documentation: http://www.freshstoretemplates.com/documentation download: http://www.freshstoretemplates.com/shoppica/ I've added loads of options and features including: Drop down...
  4. Thom

    _co_uk VideoTemplates.co.uk

    VideoTemplates.co.uk Phenomenal growth of video streaming on the web in recent years TemplateMonster.com Affiliate Program opportunity - resell video templates, Adobe project templates, Flash intro templates and much more It's currently at http://NameCheap.com so i can push it to...
  5. R

    Banner value

    Hi guys, We are running a website since last 4 months which offers free and premium templates. Yesterday one the industry leading website contacted us to advertise on our website. before that we were not offering any banner space. but now we are interested. but we are not sure what should be...
  6. T

    Help needed!

    Hey everyone am making a business website soon can you all tell me what sites are best to start from i want something that has really good templates needs to be co.uk because i need to pay with sterling has to have good tools etc. thanks in advance :D
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