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  1. J


    Hi guys Any thoughts on a ballpark valuation for switch2electric.com would be much appreciated. Thanks John Dotsters
  2. 0

    spoon.xxx spe.xxx

    Hi there, I'm new to this game, so apologies in advance for posting this in the wrong forum or just being a general pest. Anyway I have two domains that are lapsing now and I don't know whether or not to renew them They are: spoon.xxx and spe.xxx Go figure :D anyway I made some...
  3. J

    crazy valuations!?!?

    Anyone want to tell me, how do you value your domains? I contacted someone recently about a .com domain, two words with no relevance or meaning to anything, which has no value in terms of revenue, keyword match etc., I offered him $150, later he got back to me and said the domain is valued...
  4. W

    Domain opinion needed

    Hi there - I'm very new to this, but I have been scanning through this forum to get ideas of what to buy and what to avoid. I have just bought a few domains and I would love your opinions of what I've got and if I could sell them for more than registration! DiscountMoney.co.uk WhyGolf.co.uk...
  5. squarerobot


    Hi all, I registered this domain back in 2004 for my personal blog, but now fancy a change of domain and so I'm currently discussing the sale with an interested party. The domain has had content on it for the entire time it's been registered (currently, still active). Currently receives...
  6. khalid

    A few random .com domains

    Good morning domainers, can you take a quick stab at the possible prices I should sell the following for. I'm not expecting much as these domains are undeveloped, I just wanted opinions CovertHeadsets.com ReliableKit.com GoFly2.com GoCruise2.com Bar-Ice.com ModellingProfile.com
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