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web design

  1. ptal


    PREMIUM DOMAINS NAME FOR SALE WebDreamStudio.com Domain have good history and excellent name, ideal for web design, video production or IT business. Registered on May 2011 (archive.org history from 2001). Previously in years 2001 to 2004 domain was uses as website for web design services...
  2. J

    _co_uk MobileUI.co.uk (and .co)

    Hi everyone, I have mobileui.co.uk and mobileui.co available. Both registered with GoDaddy, and come as a pair. Any questions, please let me know. Offers welcomed!
  3. Howie Crosby

    WatchFreeFootball.co.uk [4,400 UK EXACT via Google] So3D.co.uk + MORE +++

    All includes .uk rights. WatchFreeFootball.co.uk [4,400 UK EXACT via Google] SOLD!!!! So3D.co.uk NFS Treebark.co.uk [1,600 UK EXACT via Google] £15 YoWeb.co.uk £15 FamousCouples.co.uk [2,400 UK EXACT via Google] £15 5HA.co.uk £10 Either Bacs or PayPal, buyer to pay £12 Nominet transfer...
  4. Howie Crosby

    Brand Dictionary GNAR.co.uk + YoWeb.co.uk Nezz.co.uk

    Brand Dictionary GNAR.co.uk £24 Great Snowboarding or extreme sports 4L title. #Gnar is used on twitter loads. gnar [nahr] verb (used without object), gnarred, gnar·ring. to snarl; growl. YoWeb.co.uk (Web Design, Web Development) £18 Nezz.co.uk £18 First to post sold with the...
  5. synapsis

    PROFESSIONAL Logos/Banners/Avatars/Headers | EXAMPLES

    I am offering the following services for your web design needs. Banners - £15 Headers - £15 Logos - £15 Avatars - £15 For each design, the initial rates will not change, but in the event that they do it is because the workload has exceeded a typical £15 job. I strictly do...
  6. S

    web design & development

    StudioXcess offers web designs, brochure designs, open source optimization solutions, ecommerce solutions, social networks and content management systems. A team of experts on our panel are trained to follow a strategic development process, from conceptualization of the project to its...
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