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  1. Stu Holly

    FinallyMine .....((com))

    Selling a great Love domain Previously a Jewellery/Gifts site - Registered since 2009 Expires 2023 Based at Godaddy for push Payment via PayPal Looking for £××× offers Motivated to sell so please get in touch. Thanks
  2. 3


    Inviting offers on the following... WeddingBooth.uk Looking for offers. Netistrar Please PM any interest
  3. M

    _co_uk Weddinghelp & Propertyhelp

    Two domains here either sold together, with an obvious discount for buying both, or purchased individually. Both registered in March 2004 and therefore well aged. weddinghelp.co.uk propertyhelp.co.uk These are just domains. Back in 2010 they did have a site for around 5 months but then taken...
  4. R

    _co_uk theweddingdirectorykent

    Open to offers.
  5. R

    _co_uk ukweddingshop

    Open to offers...
  6. I

    4 Domains on Flippa: Christmas / Baby / Wedding / Birthday + Recommendations.com

    $1 starting bid for a set of 4 domains: ChristmasRecommendations.com BabyRecommendations.com WeddingRecommendations.com BirthdayRecommendations.com The Flippa listing is technically under ChristmasRecommendations.com. Here is the URL...
  7. W

    _org_uk fiancee

    If anyone is interested in fiancee.org.uk please feel free to PM offers. Thanks.
  8. uknown

    _co_uk weddinghairdresser

    Looking for £150 for this. Includes VAT and buyer must pay Nominet transfer fee. Thanks :)
  9. N

    _co_uk Roped.co.uk

    A lovely one-word dictionary domain which is highly brandable and has a good search volume behind it. Possible uses include a dating/wedding website (tying the knot, getting together), a divorce advice domain (the idea of being roped in and wanting out) a climbing/sailing or other sports...
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