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  1. paymatters

    Whois hidden due to GDPR

    I think I'm right in saying that the Whois data can help your Seo if the name of your company is a term that you also want to be found online with. Just noticed my Whois data no longer shows. Queried with 123 reg and they say they hid everyone’s due to GDPR and there’s no option to turn it...
  2. MDUK

    Safe .com whois lookup?

    I've heard members say in the past that when they have done a .whois for a domain it has mysteriously become registered shortly after. It's happened to me in the last week. I will need to check when I get home which service i used but I tend to use www.whois.com Anyone else had issues...
  3. T

    Selling - whois on or off?

    Hi all. Got a newbie question about whois privacy. Is it generally accepted that private sellers shouldn't have this activated on a domain that they're selling? Also, how do you feel about revealing your name and address when you list domains for sale on forums like this? I think it's in my...
  4. rifki

    Domain Name & IP Address WHOIS Lookup supports new gTLDs & ccTLDs

    Just a simple tool to lookup WHOIS information of domain name or IP address. It's support almost all gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLD. REGISTRANT.INFO Don't forget to bookmark and share!
  5. danielcoates

    Incorrect use of §11.2 of Nominet's terms

    I have just sent this email to Nominet, I wonder if I will get a response. *I have concealed the domain for obvious reasons.
  6. M

    Whois Alternative

    Hi, As I'm a cheap-ass and don't want to pay for Whois queries, I was wondering if there is an alternative and free way of finding out site info please? I need the same info that Whois provides... Many thanks!
  7. retired_member12

    Whois opt-out has 'opted in' on Sedo. Why?

    Quite by chance, I noticed that a group of my names sitting on Sedo have had the Whois opt-out removed. Maybe in some drunken stuper i went to the trouble of cancelling the opt-outs (I rather doubt that), but I'm wondering if/what mechanism may actually have done this. Was it the nameserver...
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