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cybosapian - I bought 4 domains and you've only sent two - Can you please can you sort this out from your side. it's beed over a week now and I've had to start a paypal case because you're just ignoring me now.

@Admin - feel free to check the conversation logs.
@Akuma we are never the mediators in any of the deals between the forum members. Plus, I can't check the conversations you had with him.

Still, @cybosapien I see you active there and you need to explain all of these!

Cheers, Prashanna!

Per your request, we have updated the registrar tag on FLOWERSLONDON.CO.UK to STARWORKS. The domain name can now be managed at your new registrar.

If you did not request this change or no longer wish for the domain to be moved:

  1. Contact the .UK registry, Nominet, immediately and request that they reverse the tag change:
  2. Once the tag change has been reversed, visit GoDaddy.com and purchase a $0 transfer: https://www.godaddy.com/domains/domain-transfer.aspx


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