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GrowthSupermarket - Website For Sale

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by Ryan Murton, Nov 6, 2019.

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    GrowthSupermarket (growthsupermarket.com) is an online comparison website for marketing/productivity/SaaS tools.

    GrowthSupermarket was inspired & born with the issue of there being so many tools out there & nobody knowing which the best ones are. GrowthSupermarket works on an affiliate basis but there are many other ways to monetise.

    The website has 400+ tools that have separate pages, review pages and logos all integrated etc.

    Due to the owners' having commitments with full time roles & family; we are considering offers for the website. We still believe GrowthSupermarket has lots of potential but we don't have the time to fulfill its true potential.

    No SEO/content/links has been done for this website since March 2019.

    Current Positioning

    Website Content/General

    GrowthSupermarket was launched in June 2018.

    The website is a fully responsive design that uses WordPress as its CMS. There are multiple custom configurations for pages such as the review pages.

    There are over 400+ tools on the website. They all have reviews pages. The main category pages also have 1000+ words of content each.


    The website currently averages 30 visits a day and 70% of this traffic is from Organic Search.

    The website currently averages around 7 'clickouts' a day to different tools. Only 15% of the tools have links that are affiliated/tracked. This is one of the reasons we're selling; affiliate link management is very time consuming.


    Only a handful of the tools have full 1000 words+ reviews on there. These are the pages that rank well and convert hence the potential - this needs to be replicated 400 times+.

    https://growthsupermarket.com/ppc-tools/adzooma/ - $880 YTD
    https://growthsupermarket.com/seo-tools/fatjoe/ - $750 YTD

    A few other affiliate accounts have a couple of $100s each but this website shouldn't be based on revenue; it should be based on the current design, set-up and curation.

    Moving Forward

    We are considering selling the website in its entirety. We truly believe that GrowthSupermarket still has lots of potential but current circumstances means that we cannot drive this.

    We are open to all reasonable offers for GrowthSupermarket. While the website isn't driving considerable amounts of traffic/revenue; this is because nothing has been done on/to the website for over 7 months. The majority of the tools also don't have affiliate links; so it's impossible to say what the potential revenue/conversions could have been thus far. If somebody could dedicate content, an SEO strategy & affiliate management to the website then its potential will be fulfilled.

    Please contact ryan@growthsupermarket.com if you have any questions.
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    I was willing to buy this but your offer expectations are too high.
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    Yes, had the same experience.