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Hello, I am Amit.

May 13, 2024
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Thank you for accepting me into your community.

I was scrolling through twitter and came across a post saying Ryan Ewen has become a Gold member and decided to check out what this community is, I have always been very interested in Domains and hold a few UK related domains, I decided to join the community to learn and if needed share my experience now and then.
Nice :) Welcome Amit to probably the best CC domain name community in the world > Acorn Domains! :)

.. a quick note, Acorn is different from most forums > this is not just a dn investing forum > many of our members run their own registrars or hosting companies. This is a one of the industry's coolest families :)
Thanks for the welcome, I have been looking at other threads trying to get an idea about what goes around here,
I believe I still have a lot of learn from this community, I consider myself more of a hobby domainer, collecting domains mostly for my own dev purposes

I am happy to be a part of this coolest family.

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