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[Meetup] Tuesday, 16 July - Acorn Domains meetup with TitanResearch.com and Richard Lau


May 18, 2010
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The next Acorn Domains meetup is on July 16.

Hosts: TitanResearch.com and Richard Lau.

Location: Gold, Notting Hill >> https://goldnottinghill.com
Time: 6PM
Date: July 16

To attend, due to a limited space, please contact me via DM.

Titan Research will be represented in full international force: Cosmin, Richard Lau, Eli Krik and James Morfopolous.

Best! Helmuts

[Update] No more spaces available.
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Good morning all.

It seems there is a change in plans - we will be meeting in a restaurant that @Cosmin and their team plan to book for us.

This remains as semi-private event. To let us know you wish to attend: please send me a direct message.

For attendees: please leave a short comment here if you plan to attend this meetup, so that we don't occasionally miss out updating you on it. + you will be getting a notification on the updates on this post. Thank you.
Are we talking Thames River Boat ?

Or full on speedboat:

:) the video looks really romantic. We could hire Beckham to be our captain ;)

I understand that the boat can have 40, 60 or even 80 seated people enjoying the food. So, definetelly less bumpy as well.

@Cosmin could probably tell more :) The location should be confirmed this week.
Quick update: We have 22 confirmed attendees so far.

The Restaurant is still to be announced (Titan Research are making a final choice). One of the restaurants is capped for 22 people.

If you wish to attend - please DM me asap here at Acorn.

This promisses to be a private meetup on the level that the UK hasn't seen since Angy stopped doing her amazing events.

Good morning,

Currently the list is full. There is a cap on the number of attendees, and this is reached.

If you wish to be on the waiting list > please dm me. And, I will let you know if a spot opens.

Best wishes,
Spots for our private dinner are full.

See you there, @Domain Parachute, @BG, @Ryan Ewen, @LeanneMac, @JimDavies & @Rolandas Japertas, and thank you for your timely confirmations.


And a short reminder for everyone that the Domain Summit is just around the corner (Aug 19-21)!

Get ready for:
  • Fantastic sessions
  • Awesome @it.com Domains party (photos are gonna be fab!)
  • Powerful networking with the decission makes of our industry
  • Delicious food (breakfast and lunch is included)
  • Amazing people (you!)

Invest in your business and your future.

This 2024 > This is the only open UK domain name industry event.

See you there!
Good morning all,

Our meetup/dinner planned for tomorrow, July 16th, with Titan Research has unfortunately been cancelled by Titan Research.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Stay tuned for future meetup announcements!

Best wishes, Helmuts

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