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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by hairycornflakes, Apr 30, 2010.

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    Set this site up middle of last year, and I've noticed its starting to pick up some nice traffic levels. Obviously its a website dedicated

    The site has made no revenue to date, but I'm sure with a bit of imagination and a few phonecalls, some ad space/featured listings could be sold with ease. I've simply not got the time to work on mini sites such as this, hence why I'd like to put it up for sale.

    Heres how the traffic has progressed...

    Aug - 225 uniques
    Sep - 359 uniques
    Oct - 626 uniques
    Nov - 625 uniques
    Dec - 1285 uniques
    Jan - 1176 uniques
    Feb - 863 uniques
    Mar - 741 uniques
    Apr - 704 uniques

    The site is #1 for "Aberdeen Taxi Numbers" in Google UK. Here are the top five keywords...

    23.16% aberdeen taxi numbers
    17.17% Aberdeen taxi
    12.81% taxi aberdeen
    5.99% aberdeen taxis
    3.81% taxi in aberdeen

    Open to offers... :)

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