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Advertising my service: I develop mini sites.

Discussion in 'Mini Sites' started by gameboy, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Domain Development Services.

    1. Is your parking service not giving you the returns you deserve?
    2. Are you sick of having to watch your earning graph tumble?
    3. Do you have some great quality domains, which are not being put to good use?
    4. Have you always wanted to develop your domains, but backed out due to the high development charges?

    If this is you... and if these are problems you can relate to, then you have come to the right listing!

    As the title suggests, I can create Mini Sites for you! I can develop domains which can make money for you!

    I have a small team of writers who work around the clock to develop some absolutely ‘High Quality Content’!

    We use a standard set of templates, which are SEO-friendly and extremely lightweight. The content that is written is unique and fresh and the buyer gets complete rights to it. All our articles our pushed through the test to check for plagiarism and copyright violations. So when you get your mini site, you can rest assured that you have received original content.

    Our writers have been trained in basic SEO techniques, such as keyword research methods, <H1> tag usage, anchor text link usage, writing meta tag descriptions which are optimized from the SEO perspective, etc. Please note that our SEO techniques are implemented keeping Google, Yahoo and, MSN in mind.

    All our websites are built in such a way that they can be used to generate revenue through Adsense, and other PPC services, etc.

    Separately from the standard package, we can also provide some basic add-ons such as RSS feeds, these feeds are grabbed from sources such as Google News, Yahoo News, or any other source which you need information from. These feeds are auto updating. However, please note that this is not a part of the standard package.
    Please contact us and tell us about your add-on requirements if any and we will try to incorporate them at the cheapest possible rates.

    Now, let’s take a look at what the basic package carries...
    Here's a list of what each mini site includes:

    * A Web Design
    * 400 words of unique content on each page
    * Five pages of unique content
    * One Header Image designed especially for you (simple gradients, clear fonts, clean and professional looking headers, nothing too fancy)
    * Meta Tag Descriptions
    * Optimized Page Titles
    * Keywords are researched and optimal keywords are used keeping the target audience in mind
    * Privacy Policy (this may not be unique)
    * Contact Us Page (form which sends a message to your mail is included)
    * Site Map

    All Mini Sites are zero maintenance sites.

    Prices Overview:

    * 5 page Mini Site: $99USD.
    * Form with CAPTCHA: +$5USD
    * RSS grabbing news: +$3USD/page
    * Amazon Widgets: $5USD/page
    * Ebay Feeds: $5USD/page
    * Additional Pages along with content: $15USD/page

    Orders over 5 sites will be considered as a bulk order.
    Bulk orders start from $75/site, please get in touch with me for all the details regarding your bulk order.

    What are you paying for?

    You pay for original content. Here is the list of tasks involved in developing a mini site:

    1. Keyword analysis
    2. Content writing based on keywords approved
    3. Web design
    4. Creation of a header graphic (unique for all mini sites)
    5. Meta tag descriptions are written based on content and keywords
    6. Page titles are written based on keywords
    7. Site Map is created. (html)
    8. Contact form is customised to your website
    9. XML site Map is generated.


    1. New York City Hotels
    2. Crappie on the first page of Google for it's main keyword crappie
    3. Teak Cleaning on the first page for it's main keyword teak cleaning
    4. Visa-Credit-Card
    5. Jewlery on the first page of Google for it's main keyword jewlery (typo domain)
    6. Financial-Assistance
    7. Chiropractic Treatment on the first or second page of Google for it's main keyword chiropractic treatment
    8. Rental-Car
    9. Himalaya Tours on the first or second page of Google for it's main keyword for both it's main keywords, himalayan tour and himalaya tours

    To place an order or ask me questions, please PM me

    $75 USD as of the time of this post is approximately equal to 50 GBP.

    We have the resources to write content keeping the English audience in mind. (UK English, such as labour as opposed to labor, or colour as opposed to color)

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