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Affiliate Ready Drupal/Wordpress mini sites that kick ass

Discussion in 'Mini Sites' started by ribble-valley, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. ribble-valley United Kingdom

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    Feb 2009
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    Admin. Please move to other section if unsuitable.

    Hello. This is a fairly long post but bear with me, I will save you TIME and MONEY :D

    On a previous post I mentioned I needed to get some business in, so offered to build minisites for £99. An insane price considering what's involved and what is included. Only had 3 confirmed orders so far and still looking for more. I've been unemployed but I'm taking a big risk and going full time with one of my good friends also unemployed. Therefore offering the following quality services at credit crunch prices in order to pay the rent and keep our girlfriends happy.

    Installation of either;
    • Drupal 6.13
    • Wordpress 2.8
    With the latest and greatest modules/plugins fully configured
    £25 per install, can work with cpanel, plesk, root access, ftp

    Configuration (not licence) of the following income generators;
    • Adsense including managed ads, integration with analytics
    • Affiliate Window including shop window api
    • auction2post eBay plugin for Wordpress
    • phpbay eBay plugin for Wordpress, API for Drupal
    Set up and configured ready to earn you money from your site based around your topic, domain and keywords. I can usually provide a discounted licence if required.
    £25.00 per module

    30 minutes SEO time, external of your site I use white hat techniques only that are bang up to date, constantly studying this subject
    £15.00 per site

    Social Marketing
    Twitter and/or Facebook account with bidirectional site integration, some added magic and a free personal lesson in the beauty and benefits of social marketing
    £30.00 Twitter
    £40.00 Facebook

    Manually rewritten public domain content
    £10 per page
    100 percent hand written, unique content - by sumone wiv gud grammer, prefect speling an and edumacation that began in June 1975. Not a single copied phrase in sight.
    £20 per page

    Audio, Video, Animation
    I have connections, talk to me.

    A random low budget example in progress
    VW Beetles for Sale
    VW Beetles for Sale

    These prices will not last forever, guaranteed! This exercise is purely for the purpose of getting this wheel rolling. I'm willing to discuss large to seriously large projects including ecommerce, fan/band sites as well as offering my project management services and skills.

    Thank you so much for reading if you got this far, you're in safe hands. References available, just ask. :)

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    Oct 2005
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    what can you do around mma?
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