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    Oct 2007
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    I am the owner of the following two Domain Names, the .com is registered for 1 year, the for 2 years, the name in question: BoredomBrown

    This would be of excellent interest to someone interested in political satire or who wants to use it as part of a political campaign or tongue in cheek fun. Open to serious offers starting at 2500 pounds on each prefix.

    If you type in: boredombrown into your browser, followed by the .com or the prefix this will bring up my holding page which at present is parked with NameDrive. Please excuse the appalling choice of sponsored links they have given me on this page, I have contacted the parking company to place on there at this time, ads which are just slightly more appropriate.

    Once on the page, if you are interested in making a purchase of either one, or both of these, simply click on the link towards the top right corner, where it says: Enquire about this domain. As I said before, serious offers only with payment either by cheque, bank wire transfer or Escrow, the latter option probaly being the safest method for both parties, if this method is chosen, the fees to be split 50/50.

    Many thanks and kindest regards.

    BoredomBrown .com

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