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    Make Easy Money

    For sale is a 4 Letter .com domain with traffic & revenue. The domain is
    Currently parked at and showing Adsense ads

    The niche topic for the parking content is Make Money/Home Based Business

    This sites traffic is steadily growing month on month and it generates an excellent
    Price per click on the Adsense ads shown on the pages of $0.45 - $1,10 per click

    Adsense Revenue past 3 months:

    Page impressions: 4.044
    Clicks on ads: 88
    Total Revenue: $41.61
    Average Per Click $0.49

    Traffic from 1st November 2008 to 1st February 2009 :

    Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
    Total 2,664 1,963 1,917 106

    Perc. Country Name

    50.32% United States

    29.89% United Kingdom

    3.16% Canada

    2.74% India

    1.68% Unknown -

    1.26% China

    1.05% Philippines

    1.05% Germany

    1.05% Romania

    0.84% Egypt

    0.63% Australia

    0.63% Korea, Republic Of

    0.42% Spain

    0.42% Greece

    0.42% Nigeria

    0.42% Brazil

    0.42% Denmark

    0.42% France

    0.42% Chile

    0.42% Saudi Arabia

    0.21% Indonesia

    0.21% Croatia

    0.21% Hungary

    0.21% Bulgaria

    0.21% Kenya

    0.21% Japan

    0.21% Hong Kong

    0.21% Netherlands

    0.21% Sweden

    0.21% Nicaragua

    0.21% Ireland

    Domain will be transferred immediately after completed sale.

    Payment types accepted:

    Payment accepted by:

    - PayPal funds
    - Escrow
    - Escrow
    - Bank Wire Transfer
    - Credit Card via phone

    For credit card payment we require a scan copy of 1 form of photo ID matching the name on
    Your credit card to prevent credit card fraud. The scan is instantly shredded after verification

    (Buyer pays all escrow fees if escrow is selected as payment type)

    STARTING BID ONLY: $225.00

    Minimum bid increments of: $25

    Offer shall close in 7 days on the 11th although should bids be received in the last 24 hours this time will be extended to remain fair to all parties

    A quality aged domain with traffic and content Google likes to give great value to.
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