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    We have this excellent one word .com domain name. A key rich
    domain name with over 454,000 links in google for "fertilised".
    The name is correctly spelt dictionary .com which are growing
    increasingly rare to obtain.

    The domain is currently parked with and has
    the following report since August 1st 2008. Please bare in mind
    the revenue is being shared from the 505 whypark receves
    initially and is therefore a lower rate (25%).

    This domain has not been advertised at all therefore the traffic
    being received is purely type in traffic.

    pageviews 3065
    clicks 1512
    CTR 11
    Avg EPC $0.03
    Revenue $0.36

    Expiration Date: 04/05/09

    Link Popularity check shows 208 links yahoo/fast/altavista

    Search engine saturation report indicates:
    Google/AOL/Hotbot 197
    Yahoo/fast/altavista 7108

    Keyword verification:
    Site to verify: Sex & Pregnancy Advice
    Keyword/Phrase: fertilised
    MSN pg 1
    Yahoo/fast/altavista Pg2 is a PR1

    We also have independent statistics available which can be
    sent to you as an attachment by email if you would like these
    please PM with your email address. The bulk of the traffic is from USA.

    We are currently seeking just $3000 for this one word .com.

    If you are interested and have any questions at all or require further
    information please send a PM and i shall reply as soon as possible.

    Payment by paypal, wire or, buyer to pay fees.

    Thank you
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