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    I`m selling 90 % of ALL my domains due to serious personal reasons that right now I can`t disclose. Also I`m quitting at least for a few years with the domain industry and internet in general. With lots of regrets but I need money and so this is your chance to pick up something extremely valuable from a reputable seller that has never caused any problem with buyers.

    I hope to be back one day.

    I`ll miss you guys but I have no choice.


    Note: I included the expiry date for some of them. Most domains are @ GoDaddy. $500

    Registered at Godaddy till 15 June 2008

    Nice Geo, capital city of the Oklahoma State.

    More info on this City:

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : $250 @ (if you are not a member of , please register yourself by citing that ItalianDragon referred to

    Then also registered at $350

    Created in 2004 and Registered till March 2009 , has some backlinks and is a PR3:

    Keywords (Autodetected) oppb
    Frequency (MSN) 12700
    Backlinks 4,069
    PageRank 3
    Alexa Rank Not Ranked
    Traffic (Visits / Day) N/A

    Free Domain Appraisal, Domain Valuation and Keyword Research Tool Valuation : USD 870 $1,000 (highest offer so far is $450)

    This is what used to be:
    MMC&P Retirement Benefit Services, established in 1979, provided qualified retirement plan design and consulting, actuarial services, administration and recordkeeping for defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans.

    MMC&P Retirement Benefit Services joined the Principal Financial Group � family on January 3, 2003 and in September 2004 became part of the Retirement Actuarial Consulting Group. The Principal Financial Group is a leading global financial institution offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services including retirement and investment services, life and health insurance and mortgage banking. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, the Principal Financial Group serves more than 15 million customers worldwide from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.

    Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    I don`t know how to monetize it and I don`t even have the time, but it could be a fantastic source of revenue I guess. I just bought it so I can`t provide stats yet as I parket it just yestarday)

    The only thing I can think on how to monetize is due to the fact that it is an obvious typo of the PR7 which is valued $78,000 from Estibot:

    Keywords (Autodetected) mcp
    Frequency (Google) 19700000
    in Anchor Text 357000
    in Title 370000
    in URL 627000
    Backlinks 19,015
    PageRank 7
    Alexa Rank 472499 **
    Traffic (Visits / Day) 310**
    PPC Ads # 13
    Max PPC Bid $2.98
    MAX PPC Income/day $24.83
    Overture/mo 5088
    Wordtracker/day 117

    Free Domain Appraisal, Domain Valuation and Keyword Research Tool
    Valuation for domain name only : USD 76,000

    Valuation considering traffic**CLICK TO VERIFY:
    USD 78,000

    It has been registered since 1998 !!! Something you don`t find easily for

    This is the Estibot Evaluation:

    Keywords (Autodetected) mmcp
    Frequency (Google) 129000
    in Anchor Text 544
    in Title 502
    in URL 1400
    Backlinks 7
    PageRank 4
    Alexa Rank Not Ranked
    Traffic (Visits / Day) N/A
    PPC Ads # 0
    Max PPC Bid $0.05
    Overture/mo 87
    Wordtracker/day 5

    Free Domain Appraisal, Domain Valuation and Keyword Research Tool Valuation : USD 1,900

    Quite a history:

    Internet Archive Wayback Machine

    It`s registered till 2009-03-15

    Fantastic Acronyms potentials:

    From Google 1th page:

    Used in the financial market for the: Morningstar Mid CapSM Index

    Mt Maria College Petrie
    MMCP - Manhattanville Music Curriculum Project
    Mackay Musical Comedy Players

    From Acrony Finder:

    Possible Meanings Rank

    Mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics ***
    Managing Multiethnic Communities Program ***
    Mouse Mast Cell Protease ***
    mouse mast cell proteases **
    mouse mast cell serine proteases **
    Maryland Motor Carrier Program **
    Murine Mast Cell Protease **
    mouse MC serine protease **
    Medicare Managed Care Plans **
    Medicaid Managed Care Program **
    Managing Multiethnic Communities Project **
    Maryland Motor Carrier Portal **
    Multi Municipal Comprehensive Plan **
    Maryland Masters Certification Program *
    Manhattanville Music Curriculum Project *
    Military to Military Contact Program *
    Mobile Multicast Communications Protocol *
    Mucosal Mast Cell Protease *
    Mississippi Medical Center Physics *

    rank Abbreviation Meaning

    *** MMCP Managed Medical Care Program
    * MMCP Matt Miller Culinary Productions (Briarcliff, New York)

    Other :

    TNYV.COM 8/27/2008 $49 (TN=Tennessee or NY=New York in it)
    AUBQ.COM 8/21/2008 $49 (AU stands for Australia)
    BVYB.COM 5/11/2009 $49
    EVQL.COM 8/16/2008 $49 (ending in L = Limited)
    FMQU.COM 10/16/2008 $49
    GNYQ.COM 8/27/2008 $49 (NY=New York)
    XFFU.COM 7/30/2008 $49
    DZFN.COM 7/31/2008 $49
    EGTQ.COM 8/16/2008 $49
    EPQL.COM 8/16/2008 $49 (ending in L = Limited)
    NZSR.COM 8/5/2008 $49 (NZ=New Zealand)
    OMZC.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    VPCY.COM 8/5/2008 $49 (with PC in it, rare!)
    YEYJ.COM 8/5/2008 $49
    RPZC.COM 10/4/2008 $49
    RPZM.COM 10/4/2008 $49
    RQLA.COM 8/14/2008 $49 (LA = Los Angeles)
    RUKQ.COM 9/17/2008 $49 (UK in it)
    RUYQ.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    RYRQ.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    TUZF.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    ZPCU.COM 8/5/2008 $49 (with PC in it, rare!)
    ZPCV.COM 8/5/2008 $49 (with PC in it, rare! Or with CV at the end , double opportunity!!)
    GEPQ.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    GUPQ.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    LQEL.COM 8/14/2008 $49 (Double L + ending in L = Limited)
    LQIO.COM 8/14/2008 $49 (ending in O = Online)
    OQFF.COM 8/14/2008 $49 (typo of
    OQHH.COM 8/14/2008 $49 (typo of
    PUYQ.COM 8/14/2008 $49
    PZMF.COM 9/29/2008 $49
    QZAU.COM 10/19/2008 $49 (AU = Australia)
    QZUA.COM 9/29/2008 $49 (rare ending in A)

    EQCV.COM 8/16/2008 $60 Electronic Quality Curriculum Vitae
    ERZF.COM 8/12/2008 $60 (ER= Emergency Room)
    OFYQ.COM 8/12/2008 $60
    OVQI.COM 10/31/2008 $60 (ending in I = Inc.)
    OZKB.COM 10/31/2008 $60 (OZ = Australia)
    UMYQ.COM 8/23/2008 $60
    XITQ.COM 8/12/2008 $60 (great LLLL with IT, a rarity!!!)
    QGNA.COM 9/29/2008 $60 (rare ending in A)
    NZRG.COM 8/5/2008 $60 (NZ=New Zealand + ending in G = Group , New Zealand Radio Group?)
    NZLG.COM 8/5/2008 $60 (NZ=New Zealand + ending in G = Group , New Zealand Law Group?)
    QJQA.COM 10/19/2008 $60 (rare ending in A)

    VPCJ.COM 8/5/2008 $69 (with PC in it, rare! "Video PC Jobs" !!!!)
    OZJS.COM 8/14/2008 $69 (OZ= Australia "OZ Jobs Sydney")
    OZLC.COM 8/14/2008 $69 (OZ= Australia "OZ Law Centre"!!!)
    OQYL.COM 8/14/2008 $69 (ending in L = Limited)
    PZNL.COM 9/29/2008 $69 (NL= Netherlands + ending in L = Limited)
    QITJ.COM 8/14/2008 $69 (great LLLL with IT, a rarity!!! "Quality IT Jobs" !!!)
    QUKG.COM 10/12/2008 $69 (UK in it + or at the end KG = Kilograms)
    RNZF.COM 9/29/2008 $69 (NZ=New Zealand , "Royal New Zealand Force" !!!!!!!!!!!)
    YCUF.COM 8/5/2008 $69
    YFOV.COM 8/5/2008 $69
    ZRDE.COM 8/14/2008 $69 (DE = Germany, ULTRA-RARE!!! Don`t forget that Z is a Premium letter in Germany!!!)

    IIZG.COM 10/10/2008 $80
    LZGI.COM 10/31/2008 $80 (ending in I = Inc.)
    OUPY.COM 8/2/2008 $80
    IUKQ.COM 9/17/2008 $80 (I UK ?)
    NZJL.COM 8/14/2008 $80 (NZ=New Zealand + ending in L = Limited , New Zealand Jobs Limited?)
    NZML.COM 8/5/2008 $80 (NZ=New Zealand + ending in L = Limited , New Zealand Media Limited?)

    OZPL.COM 8/14/2008 $99 (OZ= Australia "OZ Poker Limited"!!!)
    UOUW.COM 11/12/2008 $99 (3 vowels + W , a BIG rarity!)
    UXYB.COM 8/5/2008 $99
    UXYF.COM 8/5/2008 $99
    UXYG.COM 8/5/2008 $99
    UXYL.COM 8/5/2008 $99
    YSUY.COM 8/5/2008 $99
    OQDN.COM 8/6/2008 $99 (Only Quality Domain Names = perfect for your Domain Business!!)
    OQJO.COM 8/14/2008 $99 (Only Quality Jobs Online!! Perfect endusers chances!!)
    OQNZ.COM 10/19/2008 $99 (Online Quotes New Zealand = perfect for an insurance business in NZ!!!)
    OZJL.COM 8/14/2008 $99 (OZ= Australia "OZ Jobs Limited"!!!)
    YVPO.COM 8/8/2008 $99 (ending in O = Online + GREAT ACRONYM: "Your Video Poker Online" !!!!!! WOW!!!)

    OOGJ.COM 6/14/2009 $100 (rare double O)
    OQLI.COM 8/22/2008 $100 Pronunciable and ending with I = Inc.
    DFUO.COM 8/2/2008 $100 (ending in O)
    RUDF.COM 8/2/2008 $100
    SUDF.COM 8/2/2008 $100
    ILQY.COM 8/19/2008 $100 Pronunciable
    ITXB.COM 1/25/2009 $100 (great LLLL with IT, a rarity, at Snap. all ITLL go for min 4 figures!!)
    NFVY.COM 8/4/2008 $100 (almost a NAVY typo!)
    RGLU.COM 12/17/2008 $100

    GPBU.COM 5/30/2009 $130 (GP= Family doctor)

    IXYB.COM 8/5/2008 $150 Pronunciable
    YGEB.COM 4/14/2009 $150 Pronunciable
    YGEF.COM 4/14/2009 $150 Pronunciable
    YGEG.COM 4/14/2009 $150 Pronunciable
    YMEF.COM 4/14/2009 $150 Pronunciable
    YRIL.COM 4/14/2009 $150 Pronunciable

    UAZE.COM 8/4/2008 $250 Pronunciable
    UFEQ.COM 4/29/2009 $250 Pronunciable

    EPYF.COM 1/25/2009 $300 Pronunciable
    IEPY.COM 8/2/2008 $300 Pronunciable
    IFUV.COM 8/4/2008 $300 Pronunciable
    IRYB.COM 4/14/2009 $300 Pronunciable
    OZUE.COM 6/8/2009 $300 Pronunciable
    DLUY.COM 6/22/2008 $300 Pronunciable/brandable

    UIGU.COM 8/4/2008 $500 Pronunciable

    And also 2 regged at GoDaddy:

    QECO.NET 8/15/2008 $50

    LUQA.NET 8/15/2008 $99 (this is a GEO as well, check Wikipedia for more info!)

    And here for the smart buyers, the PREMIUM at just $10 each!

    In the past months I sold 4 of them, each for 3 figures prices!!

    In Europe .info sells a lot!

    Look at this recent auction for already near US $4,000 :


    The following ones are registered at , free push:

    BECI.INFO 26-AUG-08

    CECO.INFO 27-AUG-08

    CEFI.INFO 27-AUG-08

    CEGA.INFO 26-AUG-08

    CETO.INFO 26-AUG-08

    CIGO.INFO 27-AUG-08

    COBO.INFO 16-AUG-08

    DACI.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DASO.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DEFE.INFO 12-AUG-08

    DEGO.INFO 26-AUG-08

    DELU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    DETA.INFO 26-AUG-08

    DIGE.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DILA.INFO 26-AUG-08

    DIPE.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DIPI.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DOFA.INFO 27-AUG-08

    DOPI.INFO 26-AUG-08

    DOTO.INFO 16-AUG-08

    FALA.INFO 26-AUG-08

    FALE.INFO 27-AUG-08

    FAPO.INFO 26-AUG-08

    FERE.INFO 26-AUG-08

    FICU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    GIPE.INFO 12-AUG-08

    GIRU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    HIVU.INFO 16-AUG-08

    LEGU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    LETI.INFO 12-AUG-08

    LIPE.INFO 16-AUG-08

    LITI.INFO 26-AUG-08

    MIFA.INFO 12-AUG-08

    MIGE.INFO 30-AUG-08

    MOCE.INFO 12-AUG-08

    MUTI.INFO 12-AUG-08

    NAFI.INFO 26-AUG-08

    NATI.INFO 16-AUG-08

    NIPI.INFO 12-AUG-08

    PECU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    PODU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    RAGO.INFO 26-AUG-08

    RECE.INFO 16-AUG-08

    REPE.INFO 26-AUG-08

    ROFO.INFO 26-AUG-08

    RONU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    SISE.INFO 12-AUG-08

    SUFA.INFO 13-AUG-08

    TOCE.INFO 12-AUG-08

    TUCU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    TULU.INFO 13-AUG-08

    Other domains:

    LEADERNAME.COM 8/7/2008

    CDBN.NET 2/1/2009 (this one has backlinks, age and a few other htings you may check)

    + 4 great IT names, very very hard to find (these 4 are at

    ITDF.NET 2/1/2009
    ITGB.NET 2/1/2009
    ITGF.NET 2/1/2009
    ITLR.NET 2/1/2009

    Great :

    You could grab true gems at bargain prices. All the names have normal reg fee.

    LUDHIANA.TV $300

    Great Indian City with about 1.5 Million people

    Ludhiana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Expires 8/20/2008 @ GoDaddy.

    (The following ones, are all the exact Country name in Italian! Similar names in other languages have sold lately for 4 or even 5 figures!!! They are all at GoDaddy and need to be renewed on August 24, I`ll renew them if unsold earlier, no worries, they worth too much!)

    Overture results are obviously from the Italian Overture , month of May 2007.

    Imagine WHAT kind of revenue you could bring in once you develop these in portals for all italians that looks to go on holiday in these Countries?

    These names should sell for about $5,000 each on average with a couple of them possibly close to $10,000.

    I`m going to cut my prices at the bottom and offer you the chance to get them at just $1,000 each.

    [​IMG] (

    Italian Overture: 10837 Stati Uniti

    It is the most correct term that italians use to call the USA, it translates in "United States" and it is much more used than the full version of the name Stati Uniti d`America ( United States of America) which has Overture of 1,437 and I did not reg it because this one is the most appropriate term used by Italians.

    [​IMG] (

    Italian Overture: 3478 Svezia

    [​IMG] (

    Italian Overture: 3175 Inghilterra

    Note: Italians refer to the UK much more with the term "Inghilterra" which is the proper translation of "England", rather than "Regno Unito" (United Kingdom) . Despite it is incorrect, that`s what most italians do. The Overture for "Regno Unito" is 4093 but I can guarantee that most of the times, when speaking , people do use Inghilterra rather than Regno Unito.

    [​IMG] (

    Italian Overture: 7434 for Norvegia

    (too bad I am not allowed to add more than 4 images to this post, because I originally had put all the flags but had to remove the ones for the following 5 Countries) (

    Italian Overture: 3405 for Olanda (

    Italian Overture: 5151 for Islanda (

    Italian Overture: 6147 for Portogallo (

    Italian Overture: 2895 for Lussemburgo ( New

    Italian Overture: unknown (but expected to be over 4000)

    106,914 Overture no/ext in January 2007

    .pk internet is booming, Pakistan is India`s neighbour and its population is already the 6th biggest in the world.

    Similar sales:
    $1,360 2007-10-23 Sedo
    $24,189 2006-05-09 Sedo
    $4,450 2006-04-25 Sedo
    $4,450 2006-04-25 Sedo

    Reported .pk BIG SALE (reported today on €25,000 = $35,644

    Recent .pk sales : $320 2007-11-09 $1,000 2007-10-26 $35,644 2007-10-24 $852 2007-04-08 $98,999 2007-04-05 $500 2007-04-05 $1,290 2006-12-30 $2,250 2006-05-09 Afternic

    I already turned down offers up to $1,200 for this one in the past BUT NOW I would accept offers from JUST $300 , yes ONLY $300 !!!

    Great all @ GoDaddy: $180

    Registered at Godaddy till 18 October 2008 (it means "push" in Dutch) $150

    Registered at Godaddy till 18 October 2008 $300

    Registered at Godaddy till 12 October 2008 $200

    Registered at Godaddy till 10/10/2009

    Possible Meanings Rank

    Vice President Office *****
    Vendor Purchase Order ****
    Vaccin Polio Oral ***
    Virtual Project Office ***
    Virtual Production Office ***
    Vice President of Operations ***
    Vereniging Payroll Ondernemingen ***
    Virtual Post Office ***
    Virtual Private Office ***
    Vanadium Phosphorus Oxides ***
    Vapor Phase Osmometry **
    vapour pressure osmometry **
    vertical pendular oscillation **
    virilizing polycystic ovary **
    Virtual Protected Output **
    Vienna Philharmonic and Other **
    Vacation Property Owners **
    Viking Project Office **
    Vermont Paralegal Organization **
    Voortgesette Professionele Ontwikkeling **
    Vantage Point Operations **
    Vice President for Operations **
    Virtual Page Offset **
    Virtual Projection Origin **
    Very Portable Optimizer **
    Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra **
    Volume Purchase Option **
    Vegetation Protection Orders **
    Virtual Pipe Organ **
    Vapor Pressure Osmometer **
    Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra **
    Volunteer Pilot Organizations **
    Vapour Pressure Osmometer *
    Village Police Officers *
    Virtual Procurement Office *
    Visiting Program Officer *
    VISTA Project Office *
    Valve Position Option *
    Vacuum Pump Oils *
    Village Phone Operators *
    Vacation Properties Online *
    Vegetation Protection Ordinance *
    Valve Position Indicator-Open *
    Ventana Photoshop Online *
    Virtual Press Orders *
    Vogt Political Opinion *


    rank Abbreviation Meaning

    ****** VPO Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
    ****** VPO Vapor Pressure Osmometry
    ***** VPO Vivienda de Protección Oficial (Spain)
    **** VPO Vice President / Operations
    **** VPO Vice President Operations
    **** VPO Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide
    **** VPO Volunteer Probation Officer (program)
    *** VPO Virtual Program Office
    *** VPO Volunteer Pilot Organization
    *** VPO Variance Purchase Order
    *** VPO Victim Protection Order
    * VPO Volume Per Outlet
    * VPO Volume, Pressure, Inspired Oxygen
    * VPO Veterinary Practitioner Only
    * VPO Victor's Professionally Organized Construction


    Please read terms and conditions below prior to claim sold as I do not accept PayPal.
    I am very interested in Bulk deals as my time online now will be VERY limited and also if you are in a transaction with me, please be patient as it may take up to few days now for me to complete any deal. I will of course always try to complete within 48 hours but don`t worry if it takes up to a week. In the worst case scenario, I`ll refund all your money. I care about my reputation much more than few thousands $.

    If you are interested in any domain, please post in this thread AND send me an email by finding it with whois on one of my domains (sorry I`m trying to avoid some spam)

    I have described as good as I could this listing but please you are invited to double check everything as I`m human too and can type something wrong sometimes too. Any question is welcome.

    PayPal payments : I`m sorry but I no longer accept PayPal payments. Only ways to pay are:

    1) MoneyBookers (MoneyBookers has a fantastic cheap Escrow as well if you like to use it, costs only 1 % of the transaction and guarantees safety for both buyer and seller)

    At moneybookers I know that you can fund your account from your bank account, it takes a few days but it works.

    I hate PayPal and I refused so many payments lately just because I don`t even have the time to deal with them if a there is a problem, they freeze accounts too often and I absolutely NEED money now.

    There is no cheaper and safer option than MoneyBookers and if you are afraid for your money than we can use their Escrow service which will cost you less than the PayPal fees , as explained here:

    Moneybookers Escrow ? secure payments for auctions and international transactions

    "Fees: Our fee is paid by the buyer and is 1% of the purchase price (but a minimum of EUR 2)."

    2) Moniker Escrow (buyer pay the fees)

    3) (adviced for Australian buyers only)

    4) by bank wire to my bank account , my reputation should guarantee you that what I offer is what I give. I can provide info of other reputable buyers that paid me in advance up to $3,000 by wire and you can ask how I carried the transactions.


    I reserve the right to end this sale at any time.

    Multiforum offer : first to post "sold" will have the right to purchase.

    Claiming "sold" will guarantee you priority to purchase but should payment not be completed within 1 calendar week (7 days) , I have the right to sell your unpaid domains to someone else.

    Best regards,

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    received a $500 offer on

    BIN has been reduced again to just $1,000 for this PR4 from 1998.

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