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My Horror Story

Discussion in 'Domain Name Scams' started by Billy, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Billy

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    May 2007
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    Beware of using

    I would like to warn people in regards to a very well known scam that has been happening for years to webmasters around the world who provide paid to buy “ebooks” “downloads” “Digital eProducts” “Traffic Hits” “SEO” "Domains" and other services to your Websites “Customers”

    Back around 2003 I had a Marketing Website "" which provide SEO and Traffic Hits to Clients.

    I bought the site for around $3000 and then off I went and the money started rolling in, I was very happy and I thought I had hit the Jackpot!

    The websites I ran were and

    From these two websites I specialised in the following:

    1. Search Engine Submission e.g. to search engines such as and
    2. Website marketing and
    3. Providing Traffic / Hits / Visitors to website owners throughout the world

    To explain this rather simply, people came to my websites, order visitors, or SEO pay me through and then once I received payment I then delivered the visitors to their websites through a Traffic Hits Reseller

    So what happened?

    If interested Please Read the rest here:
    Beware of Scammers
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