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Revenue domain £154 since end april

Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by ships, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. ships

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    May 2007
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    I have the following for sale:
    It has had 4,970 uniques since April 27th 08
    It has Alexa traffic rank of 1,669,104
    It has generated £120.79 in amazon revenue
    It has made $69.00 (£35) in the same period of time through adsense.

    I put up a crappy site and just banged amazon affiliate links and adsense on it. Think what you could do with it. Sales slowed down with Amazon after a few weeks,when they went out of stock. It still gets the click throughs,I think they will convert when they are in stock again,as the market place is just so expensive due to the shortage of the game.
    The sale is for the domain,if you want the crap site you are welcome to it,but it is the revenue,traffic and potential that is really for sale.
    I will set a BIN, but I am open to offers.
    Can supply stats.
    BIN £750
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