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Some good domains in .info, .in, and few other extensions

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by plavi9, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. plavi9 Croatia

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    May 2006
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    Some really good domains. 99% of them are far away from renewal. Push is easy and free.
    I can accept Moneybookers and Paypal.

    Please dont ask for BIN, and istead of that send me your fair offer, something what you are willing to pay. I had many queries about these domains, and i have a feeling that some members just like to ask about the price without intention to buy no matter of price. So please, to avoid multiple PMs which will not result in sale just send me your fair offer. Thank you.
    The worst that could happen is that i say no;) And if your offer would be good enough, i will accept. So please, dont ask for BIN and just send your fair offer.

    LifeExperience .info
    MoneyMarketBusiness .info (Money Market is the same as FOREX)
    BuenosAiresCity .info
    RioCity .info
    VisitMontecarlo .info
    LondonAccommodations .info
    RealestateInsurance .info
    subcultures .info
    BusinessProject .info
    deformations .info
    DG1 .info
    FENA .info (from 2006, means female on Czech, also high EXACT searches)
    FootballTalents .info
    IndianRupee .info
    position69 .info
    PrivateBusiness .info
    QuickCredits .info
    R3G .info
    SicilianMafia .info
    SouthAfricanRepublic .info
    Participations .info
    BargainFurniture .info
    MonetizeDomains .info
    Rechtsanwalte .info (lawyers on German)
    Peninsulas .info

    Plasmas .in
    Benelux .in
    uxi .in
    digitel .in
    Juventus .in
    Sorrow .in
    Mobster .in
    Mobsters .in
    Spies .in
    proprietary .in
    Cybersquatting .in
    Bartenders .in

    KuwaitCity .in
    OnlineFootball .in
    HostingPlan .in
    ForexBusiness .in
    IvoryCoast .in
    DomainTrading .in
    SmallHotel .in
    TVmarketing .in

    ExDividendDay .com
    LottoJackpots .us
    SavingMoney .eu
    xxxrated .biz
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