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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by addz123, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I'm looking to sell two retail type sites, and

    MIN: $1,000
    BIN: $2,000

    11 Pages Total. Around 1 Year Old, PR3.

    Traffic: During Winter was 100+ per day, peaked at 150/day.

    Snoods are a type of tubular neck scarf that have become pretty popular in the last few years, both for men and women (They're also used by skiiers and footballers).

    This site ranks 3rd and used to rank 1st for main keyword which gets 6,600 exacts per month according to Adwords. Plenty of other long tails too:

    Snoods - 6,600
    Snood Scarf - 2,400
    Snood (probably refers to the game) - 65,000
    How to Wear a Snoo - 720
    Snoods for Men - 480
    Fur Snood - 480
    Football Snood - 390

    Most of the traffic for Snoods comes in Winter obviously, these are just Adwords stats for March.

    Earnings: Average earnings have been poor, around $20/month. I'm using script and haven't bothered doing anything else with the site. There's obviously potential to build a retail ecommerce theme on it and increase traffic.

    MIN: $2k

    BIN: $3k

    Age: 6 months old. Total of 41 pages. PR2.

    Traffic; 50-60 uniques per day.

    Revenue: Around $10 per Month with Amazon and Adsense.

    Plenty of potential for making a high traffic, eBook Reader technology reviews and news site.

    Domain alone is probably worth a lot (e.g. high $XXX), and it it in a growing niche.

    PM me offers.
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