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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by addz123, Nov 16, 2014.

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  1. addz123 United Kingdom

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    I'm looking to sell a graduate careers site with around 40k visitors per month.

    Reason for selling is that I really don't have the time to grow or re-invest in this site. I'm working on another successful project in the finance niche which requires 100% of my time.


    Around 2 years old.

    Receives around 40k/month unique visitors (mainly from SEO). Also generates new organic backlinks every week or so. Very strong backlink profile from most universities, schools,, TimesHigherEducation, etc.

    The content is very well written and the website doesn't require any maintenance. Has around 550 pages total.

    Currently generates around £150/month through Adsense and £150/month through practice aptitude test affiliate programs. I've also sold banners occasionally for £200/month to employers wanting to post jobs.

    I launched a new CV search feature recently (around 1 month ago) that can be charged out to recruiters as an additional way to generate income.

    I'll also include a professional assessment centre eBook "How to Ace Your Assessment Centre" (60+ pages) written by a chartered occupational psychologist that cost me $2k. This could be sold for £5-£10 on the site or be given away for free to collect emails and CV signups instead. The book is extremely well written and the person who wrote it runs assessment centres and knows what recruiters are looking for.

    Website and everything is powered by Wordpress.

    I will also include, and in the sale. These domains were bought as expansion plans and thus I don't have any use for them without

    I'm looking for around £25k. I will listen to other offers.

    All domains have rights to .uk I should point out.


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