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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by Doogles, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Since Jan. 01, 2007, has earned me $602.26

    That is only my share of SEDO parking revenue since Jan 01, 2007 (less than 3 months). This is true, honest, unmanipulated revenue. Apart from search engine submission, I do nothing to promote the domain. All of my domains earn what I call "passive" income ... meaning I don't work at it.

    It is mainly type-in traffic from people misspelling xxx, or oxxx, or xxxx, or xxxs or even sex.

    Visit the URL below for a screenshot of the revenue from January 01, 2007 to March 17, 2007 (less than three months).

    I have at AUCTION at Here's the URL:

    Go here to see the PPC links carried on the landing page at

    The auction ends very, very soon -- Mar/21/07 08:47 AM EST
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