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  1. Stephen

    _co_uk Algeria.co.uk

    can you please send me a pm Stephen
  2. Stephen

    Engagement with Nominet - please post!

    I understand that many Nominet members do not engage with Nominet for many various reasons. However Nominet have expressed a willingness to engage with members. To this end, I would be grateful if you would consider posting on the Nominet Forum (for members only - sorry) on a recent thread I...
  3. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction TheNailStation.co.uk

    At Domainlore.uk TheNailStation.co.uk and rights to .uk In Hidden Gems Thanks for looking Stephen
  4. Stephen

    uk x25 lll.uk domain bundle

    Value at £100 each Recent .uk ONLY sales at Domainlore.uk cjb.uk £219 https://domainlore.uk/CJB.uk tdu.uk £211 https://domainlore.uk/tdu.uk
  5. Stephen

    My first published fiction for nearly 20 years...

    Good luck Good luck just got the e-book from Amazon Top of my reading list on my Easter break Stephen
  6. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction DistanceLearningCourse.co.uk

    Last day tomorrow Last day of auction tomorrow
  7. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction tdu.uk

    Ends tomorrow Ends tomorrow Bargain currently at £60
  8. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction DistanceLearningCourse.co.uk

    DistanceLearningCourse.co.uk and rights on DistanceLearningCourse.uk at Domainlore.uk -hidden gems https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/13637 Registered 2003 Stephen
  9. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction tdu.uk

    tdu.uk On auction at Domainlore.uk https://domainlore.uk/tdu.uk Currently only at £50 bid Renewed to 11-Apr-2019 Stephen
  10. Stephen

    uk x25 lll.uk domain bundle

    Thanks for the idea No I have not, Thanks for the idea. The domains remain on sale here at equivalent of £100 each including VAT (24 domains x £100 ). Stephen
  11. Stephen

    Can I sell a co.uk and keep the .uk ?

    down to morals You have obviously given this thought If you directly accepted the offer, it would be whether the right of registration was with the .co.uk when the bid was made not when you accepted it. Unless the bidder made you aware the .uk was part of the deal then in my opinion...
  12. Stephen

    uk x25 lll.uk domain bundle

    Another £250 OFF Price of bundle reduced by a further £250 OFF NOW £2000 + VAT Stephen
  13. Stephen

    Selling to spammers?

    Don't get seduced by the Dark side! Stay on the path of good Stephen
  14. Stephen

    Detagging a domain via Web Domain Manager?

    Detagged You can still detag domain name using the Web Domain Manager, you need to select the domain name, click on release and enter DETAGGED into the box for the registrar you want to release your domain name to. I send Nominet an email a few days ago, suggesting they have DATAGGED as an...
  15. Stephen

    DomainLore Auction LeafletsandFlyers.uk

    Few Hours Only a Few Hours before auction ends....
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