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2 character

  1. Azam.net

    1d and 1y.eu two character domains. Offers received so last chance to acquire!

    1d and 1y.eu are prime domain names we managed to snap up against ferocious competition when .eu domain names originally launched in 2006 (we acquired less than 1% of the prime domains we applied for!). At only two characters, they are rare and as short as it is possible to get. As they begin...
  2. F

    _co_uk 0a.co.uk – Top Alphabetical Ranking / Rare 2 Character Domain / 9.5 Years Old

    Description -Top ranking in alphabetical listings. Numbers come before letters in alphabetical order. Zero is the first number and A the first letter of the alphabet. Great for visibility / Marketing. -Brandable NL.CO.UK Domain -Aged 9.5 year old domain name. First registered in 2003...
  3. golddiggerguy

    NN.org.uk's Only - by PM ONLY

    PM ONLY PLEASE Interested in NN.org.uk e.g. 78.org.uk NOT 8f.org.uk Just seeing what's out there and at what price from people. Have a few already and may add to them at the right price! Cheers GDG :cool:
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