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1d and 1y.eu two character domains. Offers received so last chance to acquire!

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by Azam.net, Jun 28, 2020.

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    1d and 1y.eu are prime domain names we managed to snap up against ferocious competition when .eu domain names originally launched in 2006 (we acquired less than 1% of the prime domains we applied for!).

    At only two characters, they are rare and as short as it is possible to get.

    As they begin with the number one they will get listed at the very top of most directories giving them a significant advantage.

    We've received the occasional offer for them over the years, but not to the value we thought they were worth so didn't sell them. However, we have just received a fair offer to buy both of them that we will take up - unless we receive a higher bid.

    If you are interested in buying them for a reasonable price, please reach out to us ASAP. We are not asking for the earth as, even though they are two character domain names, we are aware that .eu domains are generally not the "hot property" some people thought they would become. Therefore we will consider offers of only £400+ for each domain name even though we've previously sold .eu's for four figure amounts.

    Some of our other very short .eu domain names are as follows and also for sale:

    0j.eu, 6b.eu, 6u.eu, 8j.eu, 8u.eu, 9c.eu, 9e.eu, 9k.eu, 9q.eu, 9s.eu, mov.eu

    Email buy [at] azam.net or telephone 020 33 55 4334 any time 24/7 if you are interested.

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