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  1. Azam.net

    _co_uk FreeCashback.co.uk - shopping site since 2003 with many quality backlinks

    Here is the website: FreeCashback.co.uk - One of the first cashback sites in the UK - Popular reward shopping directory since 2003 - White-label site, so all the work is done by the white-label provider - Tens of thousands of members over the last two decades - Hundreds of loyal members...
  2. iCodes

    Add Amazon products to your website (Free Service)

    You can easily add Amazon products to your website using this tool... http://advertiserhub.co.uk/?network=amazon Simply select category, keyword, affiliate ID and click.. 'I Want To Place These Ads On My Website' Your own amazon ID is used in the amazon tracking links so you get 100% of the...
  3. S

    _co_uk OnlineAffiliates.co.uk

    Hello Accepting offers on OnlineAffiliates.co.uk Pm me with your offers Thanks
  4. O

    Looking to sell Multiple Voucher code websites

    Hello, I am not sure if I am allowed to post here, so mods please feel free to move it or delete it if it is inappropriate.... I have 3 web domains, with a .com, .co.uk and .ie for Ireland.... We also have one further .ie and another .com address as well.... Where is the best place to...
  5. Ghengis

    Thinking of running an Affiliate Program

    Are any of you interested in becoming an affiliate for Ghengis Fireworks. Thanks Norman
  6. Ghengis

    Fireworks Affiliate

    Are any of you interested in becoming an affiliate for Ghengis Fireworks. Thanks Norman
  7. srccode

    Theme for Price Tapestry

    Just to inform datafeed lovers I've recently developed a theme for Price Tapestry check out a live demo here. Buy it here
  8. srccode

    BremboBrakesUK.co.uk - Car/Vehicle Brakes Web Store - 22K+ potential

  9. Azam.net

    _co_uk UPVCDeals.co.uk - lucrative sector - mature listings in search engines

    We have the domain name upvcdeals.co.uk for sale. It is a domain name with history and is listed in Google and other search engines. We can include the affiliate site if you would like it with the doman name. Offers welcome for this valuable website in a lucrative sector. Please email...
  10. G

    New Affiliate Merchant- GBPosters

    Hi- GB Posters here. We have recently joined Affiliate Window as an affiliate and wanted to post on here to alert anyone else looking to work with us. We are the UK's #1 online poster store. We have a variety of offers and banners of all sizes related to our areas of music, film...
  11. B

    _co_uk MarketingAffiliate

    Looking for Offers: MarketingAffiliate.co.uk Site with contents, if needed otherwise domain name says a lot. Traffic is negligible as we are not updating this site. :D Thanks!
  12. VSC

    _me_uk HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

    Sold ....
  13. M

    _co_uk Mobile Affiliate Marketing + more

  14. pepeek

    Value of *iPad* domains

    Hello everyone, When the iPad was introduced by Apple I though it is good idea to invest in some domains. I bought hand full of domains with *iPad* keyword. The trouble is that I'm not an investor really and the domains are parked with no gain generated so far. I've decided to get rid of them...
  15. khalid

    £20 each, all money to charity!!!

    Hi all, I'm heavily involved with the Five Sisters Zoo who are attempting to rescue three circus bears. They're £30k short of the money they need and I have expiry names so I'm offering them for £20 each and all the money will go the zoo. It's just a little donation but will really help. It...
  16. VSC

    uk HGH me . uk

    HGH.me.uk Built last year as an affiliate site to sell HGH affiliate product. Traffic: Keywords: Page 1 Google for: hgh booster uk human growth hormone releasers uk and some others. Built it then lost interest / not enought time to develop further. Makes the odd...
  17. VSC

    _org_uk Chia - £10pm Earnings - Aged PR1

    Chia.org.uk Chia is a seed used by the Aztecs to boost energy (hey, check the site to find out more), and is health supplement. Reg 2004. PR1 On page one of Google for "Chia" and other terms. Site for most of that time. Built site as I was selling a supplement with Chia in it...
  18. khalid

    Free domains to register and affiliate network to join

    Morning all, I've compiled a list of domains related to airport transfers in the hope some of you will register them and join my airport transfers affiliate program. Local Transfers provides UK airport transfers and offers 10% (negotiable) on sales to affiliates. Numerous banners are available...
  19. khalid

    I have launched my own affiliate program

    Good morning all, I've not been active on the forums recently as I've been busy creating my new site, www.LocalTransfers.co.uk Some of you know I've been promoting transportation in local cities recently and so decided to take it up a knotch by offering online bookings. I can only do so...
  20. M

    $72 Amazon, $10 Adsense - cheap-cricut-cartridges.net

    cheap-cricut-cartridges.net Created: 20th May 2010 Registered: Servint Cricut craft machines are massive business in the US (not so much in Europe) hence why the Amazon income is calculated in $... Income to date $71.48 (£44.50) through Amazon Associates and $10.31 (£6.37) Adsense...
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