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  1. T

    Outreach agencies

    Hi, Does anybody have a list of outreach agencies who buy links/sponsored posts? Have DR62 website ready to post for London only. Thanks
  2. M


    Majestic Backlinks: 57 | Majestic Referring Domains: 26 | Majestic Citation Flow: 11 | Majestic Trust Flow: 21 | Moz DA: 16 | Moz PA: 26 | Ahrefs DR: 8 https://ukbackorder.com/atmospheres.co.uk/auction.html Check it out on ukbackorder. Still some time left
  3. D

    _co_uk SEO domains with Backlinks and history

    BIN £80 each or £50 each when purchasing 2 or more. paydayloansbsg .co.uk DA22 PA44 Backlinks: 21686 Referring Domains: 450 achievingfitness .co.uk DA25 PA25 Backlinks: 227 Referring Domains: 49 custom-essay-service-help .co.uk DA29 PA46 Backlinks: 3847 Referring Domains: 827 nicheblinds...
  4. U

    Backlinks Domains

    I am interested in buying some domains with backlink profile. Key requirements : Aged MOZ DA20+ PA20+ Ahrefs URL RATING : 20 DOMAIN RATING : 20 no spam links, no gambling, no alochol Addtional any names with seo would be great for a another project . Budget is £xx-£xxx Thanks
  5. Ben Sykes

    Looking for health domains or sites with BL / SEO

    Hi all, I am looking for health domains with clean backlink history. Budget is £xx - £xxx All considered. Use this tool if you need to know domain metrics https://majestic.com/reports/bulk-backlink-checker or https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ Thanks Ben
  6. Ben Sykes

    Free website + content and hosting for SEO Domains

    Hi I run a company where we build six websites a day. We are based in the UK and write and design in house in London. What I wanted to offer Acorn domainers is a free WordPress website with unique content for domains that have good back link strength and domain history. There are no charges...
  7. Adem

    Malicious comment backlinks

    I received some bounceback emails to the email address of a site I run indicating that someone has maliciously been mass commenting on blog posts and using the url and email of the site I own. Could this have an adverse effect on my site? I know this question and scenario has popped up...
  8. F

    Car insurance backlinks

    I have a new website about young driver car insurance, and looking to secure some backlinks. Please get in touch if you can help.
  9. S

    PR+ links, adverts and banners - LOW PRICES

    we sell text ads, banners or links for page rank on our websites. please check the list on www.sinerteq.com Links Prices PR3 $2/month PR2 $1/month PR1 $0.5/month SPECIAL BONUS THIS MONTH: For any PR2+ order, get PR1 for free.
  10. khalid

    Are relevant backlinks essential?

    Many say that backlinks must be relevant to be useful in SEO, do you agree? My arguement is, if I got a PR4 backlink from a site that wasn't in my niche, it is still a PR4 backlink! Plus a lot of people use article directories to rank and although the article content is relevant, the...
  11. khalid

    Building Quality Backlinks

    I know the threads "How do you build backlinks" have been done over and over on numerous forums but most of them are old so I thought I'd ask around here. Understandably there are hundreds of ways, each with people preaching their method is the best. Personally for me I've tried the following...
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