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  1. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk SavingsBanking co uk

    SavingsBanking co uk Post sold or PM me. Buyer pays fees.
  2. feKIX

    _co_uk BankingAnalysts

    Offered for sale, open to offers; BankingAnalyst.co.uk BankingAnalysts.co.uk Can be sold individually or as a pair, currently parked at Sedo. Banking Analysts - Make Offer via Sedo
  3. P

    banksortcodes.info (site)

    http://banksortcodes.info/ Site review please. Ive been working on a mini site to display banking sort code data. Ive built a database showing code, name, contact number ++ more. Ive had the domain for months but the site has just been built. Input box will accept sortcode or company...
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