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  1. Howie Crosby

    WatchFreeFootball.co.uk [4,400 UK EXACT via Google] So3D.co.uk + MORE +++

    All includes .uk rights. WatchFreeFootball.co.uk [4,400 UK EXACT via Google] SOLD!!!! So3D.co.uk NFS Treebark.co.uk [1,600 UK EXACT via Google] £15 YoWeb.co.uk £15 FamousCouples.co.uk [2,400 UK EXACT via Google] £15 5HA.co.uk £10 Either Bacs or PayPal, buyer to pay £12 Nominet transfer...
  2. Howie Crosby

    FamousCouples.co.uk RobotBank.co.uk HackAttack.co.uk £29

    RobotBank.co.uk HackAttack.co.uk £24 Hello, I am selling the following domains for £24 each. RobotBank.co.uk [Brand] HackAttack.co.uk [The .com is in use as an anti-hack website.] Thank you, Howie. Buyer pays Nomenet transfer charge of £12. I accept BACS, PAYPAL and ESCROW...
  3. essexway


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MillionaireHouses-co-uk-DOMAIN-NAME-Property-estate-agent-Business-Web-address-/360409427128? http://www.millionairehouses.co.uk
  4. Mischievous

    _co_uk Nannypat.co.uk

    Keyword Celebrity Domain for sale for "Nanny Pat" the star of TV show, The Only Way Is Essex. Great keyword domain with a regular searched term and a keyword that trend globally on twitter regularly. Looking for a quick sale. Thanks
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