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christmas presents

  1. golddiggerguy

    _me_uk C h r i s t m a s - P r e s e n t s

    ME UK A nice PR of 1 mini site thats a wordpress install At a perfect stage and time of year to look at pushing it ready for this years visitors. It's made low £xxxx in the past 10 months (stats to prove it) 90% of Revenue from Adsense and a little affiliation mostly obviously in the...
  2. aZooZa

    _org_uk Xmas

    Unpaid catch. Offers please -- post here. Thanks!
  3. feKIX

    Christmas Domains

    YuletideGifts.co.uk CoolChristmas.co.uk ChristmasAbroad.com CoolXmasGifts.com+co.uk XmasExtras.co.uk For sale as a package or individually. Parked at Sedo. Open to offers £xx-£xxx
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