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  1. S

    _co_uk PortableAudio.co.uk

    Hi I'm accepting offers on PortableAudio.co.uk Here in thread or via PM Thanks :)
  2. paymatters


    Just about to go live with new brand. Any improvement ideas would be greatly received. (Mobile version and livechat not yet running)
  3. paymatters

    cloudpay.co.uk £449

    Bought today
  4. paymatters

    cloudaccountant co uk

    Just bought for £950. Think it sits well with our umbrella brand and is where accountancy is heading.
  5. S


    . Cloud-Computing.co.za Global Exact Google Monthly Searches: 246,000 Global CPC: $17 Local (South Africa) Exact Searches: 2,900 Local CPC: $5.9 Looking to raise £500 so setting the BIN at £500, But considering any and all offers, so don't be shy :p .
  6. S

    <<< CloudPayrolls.com >>>

    . >>>>>> Last 12 Hours Left in the Auction!!! Hi All, I am selling my ultra-premium and ultra-relevant :cool: 'cloud' domain CloudPayrolls.com [For Cloud Payrolls (i.e. Cloud based payrolls)] Some sample cloud domain sales* for comparison in recent times (you can check...
  7. Howie Crosby

    £25 So3D.co.uk CloudChat.co.uk Namester.co.uk +++

    So3D.co.uk CloudChat.co.uk Namester.co.uk _______£25 EACH Buyer to pay Nominet fee of £12. If of interest, please secure with a reply of the name and "Sold' and email within 24 hours. I accept BACS, PAYPAL or ESCROW, please pay within 48 hours, thank you. Howie. MORE NAMES...
  8. Howie Crosby

    CloudChat.co.uk [BRAND]

    Sold [BRAND] [BRAND] £65 Thank you, Howie Crosby.
  9. A

    Brandable .com/uk

    Hi guys, Looking for a brandable name for a review/comparison site Must have both .com and .co.uk Think Cloud/Compare/Review Gotta be pronounceable please :-) Leave your interesting responses in the comments section beloowwww!!! ;-) ohh and budget, defo less than £1k for both TLDs
  10. Howie Crosby

    _co_uk CutePuppy TreeBark CloudChat ChinaExport

    Edited 9/8/13 to BIN's CutePuppy.co.uk TreeBark.co.uk CloudChat.co.uk ChinaExport.co.uk
  11. N

    Big data cloud domain names for sale

    All Domain names £100 each cloudvirtualisation.co.uk datacloudcomputing.co.uk cloudcomputingapplications.co.uk cloudiaas.co.uk 3dlaserprinting.co.uk cloudcomputingblog.co.uk freecloudantivirus.co.uk freeereaderbooks.co.uk freedigitalbooks.co.uk bigdatalab.co.uk bigdatalabs.co.uk...
  12. bulkcorn

    _co_uk CloudGuard.co.uk

  13. N

    _co_uk Cloud Fund

    Looking for offers on this name. CloudFund.co.uk
  14. A

    UK Cloud Web Hosting Reseller Account

    Hello, We are offering a fully white labelled cloud cPanel reseller account in the UK. The account comes with the following: Space: 20GB Bandwidth: 500GB Dedicated IP: 1 free Script Installer: Softaculous Price: only £12.50/month We operate using the latest cloud technology with...
  15. Domainate

    24th(.)com for sale, can be 24th Century, cutting-edge tech, gadgets, software, etc.

    Sale over.
  16. Z


    LocalCloudHosting.com appraise please
  17. aZooZa

    _co_uk cloudservice

    Offers welcome by PM, or post in thread. Thanks
  18. aZooZa

    _co_uk CloudService

    Offers welcome. Thanks!
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