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domain name

  1. I

    Flip UK Auction Keepthedoctoraway.co.uk Moz DA: 34 Moz PA: 31 Backlinks: 2,425

    At auction on flip.uk. £50 no reserve. Starts today and ends around Friday 4pm. Keepthedoctoraway.co.uk Domain Stats Moz DA: 34 Moz PA: 31 TF: 2 CF: 17 Backlinks: 2,425 Ref Domains: 186 Wayback Please rely on your own investigation, but it looks to have been some sort of health website.
  2. I

    Acorn Auction blogawardsuk.co.uk DR53, DA 44, SEO, Blogs No Reserve

    The domain name BlogAwardsUk.co.uk is for sale at Domainlore.uk, No reserve. SEO Domain. SEO/Backlinks domain Ahrefs:453,341 ~ DR:53 ~ Backlinks:119,483 ~ Ref.domains:1,042 ~ Moz DA:44 Links from: eventbrite.co.uk, england.nhs.uk, the-dots.com, worldwidetopsite.com, xyloyl.com, faucre.com...
  3. aNewbie

    01625.com - Macclesfield Area STD Code

    This numeric domain is the telephone code for the Macclesfield area in Cheshire, although of course it doesn't have to be used as such. It has one owner and is completely clean. I am happy to listen to sensible offers for this, as I am simply not going to find the time to develop it further.
  4. Helmuts

    Going live 8PM with Adam Dicker, Sam (wizard) and maybe Colin from Flip.uk

    Going live 8PM with Adam Dicker, Sam (wizard) and maybe Colin from Flip.uk Topic: A-Z How to Find possible Domain Name Buyers and What Communication to Use See you in 45 mins :) Helmuts
  5. aNewbie

    Safemode.Org Domain Name- Trusted and Established Since 1999

    Established since September 1999, with over 1200 incoming links and the search engine credibility that comes with it, the time has come for me to let this piece of internet history go. The sale includes the domain only, as the content isn't mine. Its vital Internet attributes are provided...
  6. aNewbie

    Denialinfo.com - Denial of Service (DoS) Domain & Website, Trusted and Established Since 2000

    Established since February 2000, with over 400 incoming links (including edu's) and the search engine credibility that comes with it, the time has come for me to let this piece of internet history go. This was possibly the first Denial of Service information website on the web. The sale...
  7. hotukdeal

    CFDonline (.)co(.)uk, targeting CFD financial trading?

    CFDOnline (.co.uk) aims to target financial CFD trading(Contract For Difference) market. What's the value for this domain name? Is this domain name more suitable for domain parking or development please?
  8. mikins31

    _co_uk [b]layoffs[/b]

    Make any offer or find out more details by sending me PM. LAYOFFS.co.uk valued with VALUATE at $9,700
  9. BG

    Friday Night Deals...

    * £40k - Commerce.co.uk * £35k - Entrepreneurs.co.uk * £20k - MobileContracts.com * £8.5k - Chav.com * £6.5k - Official.co.uk (includes site) * £7.5k - Bletchley.co.uk (geo) * £5k - Ampthill.co.uk (geo) * £5k - Cranfield.co.uk (geo) * £3.5k - Storefront.co.uk * £2.5k...
  10. BG

    Few Domain Batch Sales

    Below are a few batches of names priced to sell... Batch One (£5k for all) * Jetski.co.uk * Amir.co.uk * Diamonds.org.uk Batch Two (£5k for all) OakKitchens.co.uk WomensAccessories.co.uk Hireacar.co.uk Webpages.co.uk CreditLoan.co.uk Batch Three (£5k for all) Storefront.co.uk...
  11. BG

    _co_uk Jetski.co.uk - OakKitchens.co.uk - WomensAccessories.co.uk and more

    On a per domain basis > Reviewing offers over £1.5k * Jetski.co.uk * OakKitchens.co.uk * WomensAccessories.co.uk * HireAcar.co.uk * Choc.co.uk * Text2Win.co.uk * CreditLoan.co.uk * Diamonds.org.uk * Webpages.co.uk PM or post offers > Discount offered if buying 2 or more... Best...
  12. BG

    MobileContracts.com - OakKitchens.co.uk - JetSki.co.uk + More

    Quick sale prices for domains listed below, post sold to claim. Discounts available if buying more than one. * Amir.co.uk - £1k * Jetski.co.uk - £2.5k * Official.co.uk - £6.5k * Storefront.co.uk - £4.5k * Deleting.com - £3.5k * HireAcar.co.uk - 3k * WomensAcessories.co.uk - £2k *...
  13. BG

    Entrepreneurs.co.uk - Commerce.co.uk - Official.co.uk and others.

    Hi Guys, Over the past week I've received PM's regarding the names listed below so decided to add some BIN Prices, If you've PM'd about a name and I've missed it off the list below pls drop me a reminder and i'll add a price or ping you one back * £50k Commerce.co.uk * £35k Entrepreneurs.co.uk...
  14. BG

    Huge List Of Random Domain Names For Sale.

    Hi Guys, As many of you may already know I'm slowly moving away from domains as I invested heavily in to a new tech startup 10 months ago called www.iBuddy.com (goes live to the public in March yet people can signup now) - Basically i wanted to be involved in a real business that forces me to...
  15. BG

    DomainLore Auction Swimwear.org.uk

    Hi Guys, For all you .org.uk fans and SEO guru's > Domain : Swimwear.org.uk Link : http://domainlore.co.uk/Swimwear.org.uk Exacts : 40,500 Nice keyword with good exacts. Happy Bidding All. Barry
  16. BG

    DomainLore Auction AtkinsDiet.co.uk > Atkins Diet

    Hi Guys, Ref: www.AtkinsDiet.co.uk << click link for domainlore auction. Current Status: * 20 Bidders * Price currently at £250.00 *** ENDS IN APPROX 6 HOURS *** Please note: Below is just a quick example of where you can view some trademark applications, a quick search via uspto.gov shows...
  17. khalid

    looking for a 3 letter .co.uk with "ph" at the end

    looking for a 3 letter .co.uk with "ph" at the end e.g. Xph.co.uk please pm me your name and price. thanks, khalid.
  18. khalid

    _co_uk One word generic - Allurement

    Good Afternoon, The name Allurement.co.uk is for sale. Definitions include: attractiveness; "its allurement was its remoteness" allure: the power to entice or attract through personal charm A one word generic that is extremely brandable. Offers in the low £xxx will be...
  19. khalid

    _co_uk Two Solar Related Generics

    these domains have been sold
  20. J

    Famous Domains in London

    hi, Any body tell me which type of domain is currently availabel like .com, .biz and what there meaning in London and UK:)
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