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domain names

  1. Azam.net

    _co_uk 1Lit.co.uk valuable 4 character domain, with matching .com. Many backlinks

    Rare and valuable 4 character .co.uk domain name with very valuable matching 4 character .com For Sale: 1Lit.co.uk and 1Lit.com 1Lit.co.uk Domain Name Registered: 2002 Source of search rankings/traffic: In the 'noughties' 1Lit.co.uk hosted a tremendously popular literary ezine which ran for...
  2. BG

    Booking.com - Supreme Court's Decision (Great News)

    Hi All, Today's ruling on Booking.com was a major win for generic .com owners :) Read the decision here : https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/19pdf/19-46_8n59.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1tGKFMIKzcRAav_6YldHr9rgb6rNKgkLow_u70qdhLnHBZ0zHspD6gST0 Best, Barry
  3. Azam.net

    Premium Domain Names Go On Sale: AskGuides.com, AskGuides.co.uk and AskGuides.uk

    Premium domain names for sale: AskGuides.com, AskGuides.co.uk and AskGuides.uk (may split). Includes related social media accounts. Pronounceable nine character .com and .uk domain names which have a meaning are rare! The domain names have inbound links to them and 82 search engines listings...
  4. M

    Wanted Premium Job domain names and Job websites with traffic

    Hi All Wanting premium job domain names and job related websites please PM me with what you have available with pricing please. Regards
  5. E

    Various domain names at Ebay including Qozs.com, 10374.com, EngravedCrystal.com

    Various domains at auction on ebay, including 4 letter .coms. nnnnn.coms, brandables, high cpc key words, emerging technologies etc.. http://www.ebay.com/sch/spenderwear/m.html?item=191048087388&pt=UK_Computing_Services&hash=item2c7b5a775c&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Including: .coms...
  6. Howie Crosby

    _co_uk Namester

    Hello, I am open to offers on Namester.co.uk Thank you, Howie. [email protected]
  7. GaryT

    Zyma Web Hosting

    Hi guys I have just done a review of Zyma on my blog and was wondering if anyone has used them. If so any feedback here - http://www.3ac.co.uk/zyma-web-hosting-review would be great Many Thanks Gary
  8. BG

    Breaks.com - Official.co.uk - Entrepreneurs.co.uk - Commerce.co.uk and more :)

    Hi All, Over the past month I've had enquiries on all the names listed below via my other thread here on acorn... So i thought what the heck let's put some buy it now options on them and see what happens, if anything, lol. Some names have traffic / Links, some are ranking, some may have sites...
  9. BG

    Entrepreneurs.co.uk - Commerce.co.uk - Official.co.uk and more

    Hi Guys. I'm having a huge clear out so make me an offer on any of the domains listed below, the worst i can say is "no thank you" so dont be shy :) It's a real mix & match so look carefully.... Random Domains : Breaks.com - Offers in high £xx,xxx Commerce.co.uk - Offers over £20,000...
  10. BG

    Friday Night Deals...

    * £40k - Commerce.co.uk * £35k - Entrepreneurs.co.uk * £20k - MobileContracts.com * £8.5k - Chav.com * £6.5k - Official.co.uk (includes site) * £7.5k - Bletchley.co.uk (geo) * £5k - Ampthill.co.uk (geo) * £5k - Cranfield.co.uk (geo) * £3.5k - Storefront.co.uk * £2.5k...
  11. BG

    Few Domain Batch Sales

    Below are a few batches of names priced to sell... Batch One (£5k for all) * Jetski.co.uk * Amir.co.uk * Diamonds.org.uk Batch Two (£5k for all) OakKitchens.co.uk WomensAccessories.co.uk Hireacar.co.uk Webpages.co.uk CreditLoan.co.uk Batch Three (£5k for all) Storefront.co.uk...
  12. BG

    _co_uk Jetski.co.uk - OakKitchens.co.uk - WomensAccessories.co.uk and more

    On a per domain basis > Reviewing offers over £1.5k * Jetski.co.uk * OakKitchens.co.uk * WomensAccessories.co.uk * HireAcar.co.uk * Choc.co.uk * Text2Win.co.uk * CreditLoan.co.uk * Diamonds.org.uk * Webpages.co.uk PM or post offers > Discount offered if buying 2 or more... Best...
  13. BG

    MobileContracts.com - OakKitchens.co.uk - JetSki.co.uk + More

    Quick sale prices for domains listed below, post sold to claim. Discounts available if buying more than one. * Amir.co.uk - £1k * Jetski.co.uk - £2.5k * Official.co.uk - £6.5k * Storefront.co.uk - £4.5k * Deleting.com - £3.5k * HireAcar.co.uk - 3k * WomensAcessories.co.uk - £2k *...
  14. BG

    Entrepreneurs.co.uk - Commerce.co.uk - Official.co.uk and others.

    Hi Guys, Over the past week I've received PM's regarding the names listed below so decided to add some BIN Prices, If you've PM'd about a name and I've missed it off the list below pls drop me a reminder and i'll add a price or ping you one back * £50k Commerce.co.uk * £35k Entrepreneurs.co.uk...
  15. BG

    Huge List Of Random Domain Names For Sale.

    Hi Guys, As many of you may already know I'm slowly moving away from domains as I invested heavily in to a new tech startup 10 months ago called www.iBuddy.com (goes live to the public in March yet people can signup now) - Basically i wanted to be involved in a real business that forces me to...
  16. J

    Hi Everyone

    Hey everyone, I'm from Kent and work in online marketing and web design. I'm interested in finding out how buying domain names with existing links and pointing these domains at my client's websites can help with their search engine ranking. Also want to chat about owning domain names for...
  17. M

    _co_uk 7 quality domains to be sold quickly

    ... closed :)
  18. Aegean


  19. BG

    _org_uk Diamonds.org.uk - Servers.org.uk - Wifi.org.uk

    Hi Guys, Three premium .org's up for grabs. * Diamonds.org.uk (Offers of £4k or over) * Servers.org.uk (Offers of £1k or over) * Wifi.org.uk (Offers of £1k or over) Thanks all, Regards, Barry
  20. GaryT

    Hi to all on Acorn Domains

    Hi everyone. I joined AD about 18 months ago, but this is actually the first time I have started using it properly after being nagged lots of times to get involved. I have just done a post about some domain names I have for sale and already had some people contact me, so I really pleased...
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