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domain parking

  1. Helmuts

    Domain Summit Domain Parking panel is now complete for Domain Summit 2024

    Exciting Update for Domain Summit 2024! It is my pleasure to announce that our Domain Parking panel is now complete for Domain Summit 2024, taking place on August 21 from 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM. Join us for an insightful discussion featuring domain parking experts: @JamesTuplin from Bodis Adam...
  2. Helmuts

    Monday, 7AM UK time | Domain Fireside Chat live stream with Michael Gilmour of ParkLogic.com!

    Excited for our Domain Fireside Chat live stream with Michael Gilmour of ParkLogic.com! Topic: Domain Name Parking A few of the prepared questions: 1) What percentage of customers are profitable? 2) What is Michael's experience comparing ccTLD vs gTLD parking numbers? 3) Is it possible to buy...
  3. DomainManage

    Domain Parking (click) Revenue

    Hi all, Just a quick poll on how important this is to you. I know things now are different than they were 15 years ago in terms of payouts.
  4. Azam.net

    Parking service with highest EPCs for UK domain names?

    Our domain names receive mainly UK traffic, and some from other countries. They are mainly in finance, travel and business sectors. Which domain name parking service would you say generates the best overall earnings for UK traffic please? Thanks for the advice :)
  5. DomainManage

    Lose the middle man..

    Selling a domain to an end user is not difficult process in 2016, why complicate it with a middle man. http://news.domainmanage.com/lose-the-middle-man-part-1/
  6. JMI

    New Domain Parking & Monetization System

    Hello, I am offering a free no obligation trials of domainmanage.uk - a commission free, domain landing page/parking and monetization system. Sample sales page: http://www.autohelp.co.uk We've had goods results using the system for our own domains. Any questions, feedback please pm. Cheers...
  7. bulkcorn

    _co_uk CashParking.co.uk

    The domain name CashParking.co.uk is open to offers! Looking for £xxx! Offers welcome via thread or PM. Domain will remain open for sale until cleared payment is received. BACS preferred but Paypal welcome. Happy New Year and thanks in advance, :) bulkcorn.
  8. Ed RookMedia

    Rook Media

    Hello everyone, It’s been two years since my last post on here, so it’s good to be back on Acorn. As I’m sure some of you know, much of the top management at my old gig moved on to set up Rook Media in early 2011. Since then, we've been operating as a predominantly invite-only service and...
  9. synapsis

    Official Noomle.com Thread / You Keep 100% Revenue

    Noomle is offering 100% FREE websites parking service. You keep 100% revenue without a share, there is no catch to this service, it is based on donations from you when you start making money from your websites to keep the service up and running. This was started from a personal project for the...
  10. Prezware

    How Do I Get My CPC Higher Than 2 Cents?

    How Do I Get My CPC Higher Than 2 cents? I've tryed switching keywords, and templates but that doesn't affect anything. Is there anyway to raise it? Any info is helpful. :)
  11. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Parking Templates co uk domains

    ParkingTemplates co uk ParkingTemplate co uk Buyer pays nominet fee's
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