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domain portfolio

  1. Helmuts

    Going live 7PM - reviewing a domain portfolio of a new domainer - is it any good?

    Tonight Adam Dicker will review a domain portfolio of a new domain investor Freeman, and the portfolio contains 70 domain names. Going live 7PM UK time (in 70 minutes). + your live Questions
  2. T

    207 .co.uk and .uk domain portfolio for sale

    As with so many others, it's now time to trim the portfolio and (as a bloke) try and concentrate on one thing at a time! I am therefore getting out of the broking side of domains completely. There's 207 domains here - a mixture of .co.uk and .uk. I want to sell the whole portfolio to one buyer...
  3. J

    Domain Portfolio Manager

    I have a domain portfolio management tool and was looking for someone sensible to test it for me :D. I've tried it up to 20,000 domains but it works best with hundreds to a few thousand so smaller portfolios. The system allows you to embed your portfolio (if you want) into any webpage via...
  4. R

    Newbie with some .mobi domains

    Hi all I'm a relative newbie to Acorn Domains, I've popped in now and again but never really fully taken part. Hopefully I will in the future! At the moment I'm hoping to sell my entire .mobi portfolio to make way for some UK domains. I've got the full list below and I'd like to sell them...
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