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generic domain

  1. C


    Hi Everyone, Acorn Domains looks like the place to, browsed through some of the threads and saw some helpful information. Looking to buy and sell obviously, but mostly to learn and share. First Domain I ever sold was a .co.uk extension and now I'm hooked. I own all .coms but looking to...
  2. S

    motopayments.co.uk (Virtual Terminal)

    Perfect generic term for Virtual Terminal - RBS is currently top for this term search (approx 680 exacts but this is niche). For Sale via Sedo = £429 but offers will be reviewed. Also have the .com for this, same price again. Thanks for looking... Simon
  3. khalid

    _co_uk Trout - a ranking generic with over £3,000 content

    Hi all, I am posting this to acquire interest in my main site, Trout dot co dot uk. In short, the website is ranking on page 1 along with at least 20 other long tail terms, there is some evidence of how the site could earn but I've not really been focusing on this to be honest. If you...
  4. khalid

    _co_uk BassAmp - Generic name, plenty of potential, been indexed, page 3

    Hey all, Recently bought bassamp.co.uk from Laura during a great sale and spent a day turning it into a seo optimised website with 25 products listed in 21 categories. Under UK search results the site is on page 3 for "bass amp" having been indexed. There's plenty of potential, the...
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