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  1. Transcom ISP

    Transcom Dropcatch Voucher Code

    Just to let you know the dropcatch software and hosting voucher code for Acorn members only, with 25% off is UQ78Y94JPG , just enter it on checkout, we know that 113 of you have already, thanks ! This code also applies to all our hosting services including the new Transcom Infinity Packs, these...
  2. D

    DomainLore Auction HostingService .co.uk

    HostingService .co.uk +.uk No on auction at domainlore https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/20521
  3. bulkcorn


    Ended. Thanks.
  4. vu4kata

    DomainLore Auction ftphosting .uk

    On Domainlore https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/18410 Thanks.
  5. Adem

    Hosting Advice

    Hi all. I currently have a Hostgator Reseller account which costs around £30 a month... it was pretty cheap years ago but has risen over time with increases and as the pound has dropped. Anyway...I've been downsizing and I no longer need a reseller account and have around 20 small websites of...
  6. D

    Hi, From India

    Hi, My name is Kunnu and I have a web hosting company. I manage servers and I have a 1k domains :twisted: I find this forum from googling (first I was find it from another forum in signature link) I want to learn about domain trading and purchasing/selling domains. Thanks.
  7. aZooZa

    Racked.net - Ideal hosting/infrastructure

    Domain: RACKED.NET Registrar: Moniker Age: 10 years Traffic: Assume none BIN: £500 - no offers - price firm and good for 7 days as of forum time.
  8. bulkcorn


    FreeDomainFreeHosting.co.uk - £50. Paypal or BACS. Buyer pays NOM fee. Post sold to claim.
  9. Ghengis

    Dedicated Servers

    I have a 16GB dedicated server but I am looking for a 64GB dedicated server anyone know of any good companies and prices. Thanks Norman
  10. feKIX

    _co_uk HeavenlyHosting.co.uk

    Offers sought for the domain: HeavenlyHosting.co.uk Contact via thread, PM or email.
  11. BG

    DomainLore Auction Servers.org.uk

    Hi Guys, Great keyword with many hosting companies offering affiliates nice commissions. Ref : Servers.org.uk Reserve : No Reserve Ends : 1st Jan 2012 (tomorrow) Link : http://domainlore.co.uk/auctions/gems_id/3471 Happy bidding. Regards, Barry
  12. Z


    LocalCloudHosting.com appraise please
  13. BG

    _org_uk Servers.org.uk - Servers

    Hi Guys, Domain : Servers.org.uk Another nice keyword for those SEO Gurus to make some money from. Reviewing all offers over £1k - Please post or pm offers, thanks. Best Regards, Barry
  14. VSC

    _co_uk Budget-Hosting

    Budget-Hosting.co.uk Looking for any offers from £10 Final offers plus VAT & Nom fee
  15. M


    Hello, Checked the value for this domain on valuate comes out to be $12000 is it worth so?
  16. F

    _co_uk windowsdedicatedhosting

    Looking for offers on windowsdedicatedhosting.co.uk 1200 exacts on adwords with a $16.21 ppc
  17. B

    Domain and Hosting website for sale - Good business

    Business details Summary Years established: End of the 2005 Employees: Currently Over only, You can find resellers who will be working commission basis. Home based: This business can be run from home. Relocatable: This business can be relocated Domain and Hosting Profit: Jut under...
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