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  1. Helmuts

    There are no planned London Transport strikes in August at the moment

    I have been asked about possible transport strikes in August that could affect you getting to the Summit. As for the 6th June 2023, there are no planned strikes at the moment London-wide strikes affecting Tube, Rail and bus routes. Dates of the Summit (reminder): August 22 (Tuesday) and August...
  2. Helmuts

    London Domain Summit: No more Exhibiting Spaces Left!!

    This is Official: No more Exhibiting Spaces Left!! The last 2 exhibiting space opportunities were taken by @wizard (Sam Charles) and Andrew B. of Netistrar Larger image? :) No problem: 22-23 August 2022 https://summit.london Don't miss out on your DAY 1 ticket (FREE)...
  3. Helmuts

    Tuesday Gin & Tonic Reception - London Domain Summit

    Here we go: On Tuesday, August 23 we will have a Gin & Tonic Reception Aug 23 by the owner of Yum-Sa, Mr Roger Narula Exact time: 3PM-4PM .. and there will be more :) London Domain Summit: https://summit.london -- .. ahhh.. have you filled the Attendee Form...
  4. Helmuts

    Nominet to host welcome reception at the London Domain Summit

    Good morning all, :) it is such a pleasure to announce that Nominet will be hosting the Welcome Reception at the London Domain Summit. Welcome Reception: Monday, August 22nd, 5PM-6PM. Also, a personal thank you to Nominet for supporting the event. Yes, this is an opportunity for all the...
  5. Helmuts

    Michael Gilmour and ParkLogic are coming to the London Domain Summit

    Super excited to announce that Michael Gilmour is flying from Australia and will represent ParkLogic.com!! Also, Michael will do a presentation at 2PM on Monday on the topic: "The Past, The Present and The Future of The Domain Industry". The full list of presentations will be published later...
  6. Helmuts

    Sedo at the London Domain Summit 2022

    We are pleased to announce Sedo's participation at this year's London Domain Summit held at Yum-Sa, East Putney, London, UK this August 22-23. For less-experienced domainers, Sedo is one of the leading domain name and website marketplaces and domain parking providers globally
  7. Helmuts

    [Official Thread] 22-24 Aug 2022 - Domain Name Summit in London, UK

    I will create 1 official thread for the international Domain Name Summit in that will take place from 22nd - 24th August 2022 in London, UK (East Putney). All the progress and updates will go here in the comments. I have booked a London-based award-winning Asian restaurant Yum-Sa for 3 days and...
  8. Helmuts

    22-24 Aug 2022 - Domain Name Summit in London, UK

    22-24 August 2022 - International Domain Name Summit in London, UK. Come to London, eat, drink and network with fellow domain investors, registrars, domain brokers, web developers and more. We have booked a London based award-winning Asian restaurant Yum-Sa for 3 days and it will be converted...
  9. I


    London Domain. PM me.
  10. I

    LondonC.com - London City Domain

    - Registered in 2011. PM your offers.
  11. Criterion811

    _co_uk Stock-Brokers.co.uk

    Offers Welcome Via PM. Paypal/Escrow payment, domain pushed to buyers GoDaddy account instantly. Highly searched term and very relevant to the UK financial sector. Expires: 30/10/2018 Registrar: GoDaddy Currently not available for transfer to different registrar.
  12. btcool

    Attorney London dot com - domain for sale

    Selling domain: AttorneyLondon (.) com - offers welcome - registered in 2010 - with company invoice
  13. I


    Registered in 2011. Short London City Domain Had good offers ($xxxx) in past Selling for decent offers. Pm me.
  14. carlosjay

    DomainLore Auction Reflected co.uk + uk rights

  15. carlosjay

    DomainLore Auction LondonCinemas co.uk + uk rights

  16. C

    Popular City Domains Including London.co.com

    London.co.com, Glasgow.co.com Edinburgh.co.com, Liverpool.co.com, Manchester.co.com, Leeds.co.com and 44 other popular cities in NO RESERVE auction at NameJet. http://www.namejet.com/pages/auctions/featuredtemplate.aspx?featured=codotcom ‪
  17. S

    BritishGirl.net << No Reserve Auction >>

    Hey All.. I am putting up BritishGirl.net on Auction exclusively right here at Acorn Auction Rules: Starting Bid: £50 Auction Ends: 14th June 2014 at 2pm (GMT) or 4 hrs after last bid No Reserve Anything else let me know. Cheers.
  18. A

    London-Casino.co.uk for £400

    London-Casino.co.uk domain for sale at £400. Great opportunity to buy a geo casino domain.
  19. Howie Crosby

    _co_uk Gnar MacComputers ProNetwork KewLondon

    Hello, the following domains are available to buy for £67 each, you can pay via PayPal Gnar.co.uk" Dictionary term. MacComputers.co.uk 720 Exact UK Local Google each month. ProNetwork.co.uk KewLondon.co.uk 260 Exact UK Local Google each month. Thank you, Regards, Howie Crosby...
  20. Howie Crosby

    DomainLore Auction BarnesLondon.co.uk - 1,000 Google UK EXACT searches per month.

    In auction with DomainLore is BarnesLondon.co.uk and ends Tuesday 30th April, 16.30. The EXACT keyword 'Barnes London' is searched via google UK 1,000 per month and will make a great asset when attached to URL forwarding to capture traffic to niche websites in the Barnes area. Or would be ideal...
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