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  1. bulkcorn


    Offers invited for: CLICKDOCTOR.UK Cheers, bulkcorn.
  2. bulkcorn

    Viber Doctor

    Offers invited for the following as a bundle or seperately: ViberDoctor.com ViberDoctor.co.uk ViberDoctor.uk Viber.Doctor Cheers, bulkcorn.
  3. S

    SuperbForex.com £30 BestSurgeries.com £50

    Superbforex.com £25 Fasthosts.co.uk 2017 BestSurgeries.com £50 Fasthosts.co.uk 2017
  4. M

    Flip UK Auction Medical Domain - Portfolio

    The Holy Grail of Medical Domains At medicalpages.co.uk we have 340+ premier medical domain names up for sale. All domains nicely aged to enhance SEO. Contact us with selected domains and your offer for bulk or single domain purchases. You can reach us by email [email protected] or...
  5. N


    I was offered a decent amount recently, id love to know your ballpark figure appraisals are.
  6. N

    _co_uk disease.co.uk

    Excellent medical top level domain, one word generic with HUGE potential in the pharmaceutical / health game. Serious offer only please.
  7. Domainate

    Weekly Special 11/3: NaturopathyGuide(.)com, AnorexiaBulimia(.)org + 28 medical names

    Our new weekly special is here with 30 more domains for sale for reduced pricing. This week's theme is medical, which includes surgery, disease, pregnancy, pharmacy and many more related domains! Price: $127 (or $107 each if buying 3 or more domains) 24HourPharmacies.org - $2.16 avg CPC...
  8. Domainate

    150+ health, medical, drug, diet, weight loss and other related domains for sale

    The following health and related domain names are for sale. We are seeking reasonable offers. AboutVegans.com AlcoholAddictionCenter.com AlcoholAddictionTherapy.com AllergenTest.com AllergenTests.com BeautyProductsGuide.com BestHairProducts.com BodyQuencher.com...
  9. I

    DoctorAbroad.net - Medical Tourism

    Hello Looking for offers for: DoctorAbroad.net For Medical Tourism
  10. I

    _co_uk seethedoctor.co.uk & seeadoctor.co.uk (if you've got flu that is...)

    Hello Looking for offers on the following domains please: seeadoctor.co.uk seethedoctor.co.uk seethedoctor.org.uk Happy to answer all your questions.
  11. R

    _co_uk CPAPmachines and CPAPMasks

    For Sale: CPAPmachines.co.uk and CPAPmasks.co.uk For those not familiar with the term, CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure, see wikipedia. It's a medical technology used to combat sleep apnea (apnoea), and it's use is becoming more and more common as the UK population ages and gets...
  12. W

    _co_uk disease.co.uk

    great pharma domain, last sold for £5k... listed on sedo premium auction https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/auction_detail.php?language=e&auction_id=47605&tracked=&partnerid=
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