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    SeoNews.uk Looking for offers on this 1,000 exact match The opportunity to create a goto seo business or upgrade your not so good seo domain name.
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    Inviting offers on the following... SeoNews.uk Looking for £x,xxx offers. Please PM any interest
  3. M

    _co_uk carleasingnews.co.uk

    Registered in February 2013, so well aged. Expires Feb 2019. Buyer pays transfer fees. £25 for quick sale.
  4. Z

    HangoutNews.com, MediaReliability.com, MediaTrustability.com

    appraise please: HangoutNews.com HangoutsNews.com MediaReliability.com MediaTrustability.com TrustableMedia.com ReputableMedia.com any ideas?)
  5. M

    _co_uk www.apprumours.co.uk

    BIN £50. registered at Godaddy. http://www.cax.com/apprumours.co.uk Thanks, Manuel
  6. A

    _co_uk BikeNews.co.uk £300

    BikeNews.co.uk is easy to remember, and has high exact searches per month. Great domain for development. Develop a blog site related to bike. Buy Now £300
  7. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk More News Domains

    All .co.uk's All Just £30 each or £90 for the set WesternNews DaytimeNews DrivingNews DriveNews SouthernNews HourlyNews BACS or PayPal Buyer pays Nominet fee
  8. golddiggerguy

    News Domains (for Mrs puppy)

    I am putting this set up at only £35 each These are all mostly good solid river GEO News domains and are all the biggest rivers barring Thames in the UK. Although the rest are nice also. * AireNews co.uk * ClydeNews co.uk * DartNews co.uk * EskNews co.uk * OuseNews co.uk...
  9. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Read all about it (online) - News Domains

    Great list of News and GEO News domains and with social Media and News turning to the web more and more these are at silly prices ;) These are all mostly good solid river GEO News domains and are all the biggest rivers barring Thames in the UK. Although the rest are nice also. ALL ONLY...
  10. J

    FREE PR + Links >>today only<< Get into google news for FREE..

    Hello chaps, for today only I am offering our £20 PR service for free. Free Online Press Release Distribution | PR Fire All you need to do is create an account, submit your press release insert you links and images and we will do the rest.. PR fire ranks google number 1 for press...
  11. golddiggerguy

    RecyclingBusinesses, LincsNews, ThisIsNewquay

    Mixed extensions looking for offers please. All have a BIN of £350 RecyclingBusinesses.net - Page 1 for "Recycling Businesses" WornUnderWear.net House-Prices.net . GardenLEDLights.com - Page 3 for "Garden LED Lights" ThisIsNewquay.com ThisIsRochdale.com LincsNews.com...
  12. I

    _co_uk News1152.co.uk for sale

    Hello, I am looking for offers on the following name: news1152.co.uk news1152.com is also available. Happy to answer all your questions.
  13. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk City Guide sets... inc ThisisWestminster - inPeterborough - TrentNews - InYourPocket

    All these domains are .co.uk unless stated. Looking for offers to shift this very nice set. Please PM or post offers. inLondon //org//uk inPeterborough inScunthorpe inSkegness inWakefield inWhitby 123-reg BACS or PAYPAL
  14. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk GEO NEWS domains inc TrentNews + HourlyNews + DriveNews

    Nice list of News domains,any interest out there for them and at what price? These are all mostly good solid river GEO News domains and are all the biggest rivers barring Thames in the UK. Although the rest are nice also. This set would make a great portfolio to dev... Offers please...
  15. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Top "GEO News" domains

    These 2 plural .co.uk Geo News domains are a great set so looking at setting an auction off at £100 for the pair please. ManchestersNews LiverpoolsNews £50 Bidding increments please. Buyer pays nom fees Buyer pays by BACS or cheque only I have the right to decline all offers
  16. golddiggerguy

    Humber News PR and rankings

    I'm in the processes of trying to regularly update and post to the .co.uk domain HumberNews and noticed my PR tool bar said it was a Page Rank of 3!! :) Also a few searches like Humber News, Humber Businesses etc have now appeared on page 1 of G. So anyone care to dig a bit deeper and find out...
  17. golddiggerguy

    Logo design for link

    I can do logo's myself or post it on a freelancing site but thought i'd offer a link back to who ever designs the best logo for my News site. HumberNews.co.uk I want to keep the Humber News text (possibly) but have something else instead of the 4 squares. PM me a link or email me the design...
  18. golddiggerguy

    Available News Domains to REG

    WestGlamorganNews.co.uk SouthGlamorganNews.co.uk MidGlamorganNews.co.uk GwyneddCountyNews.co.uk HighlandsandIslandsNews.co.uk CountyTyroneNews.co.uk CountyAntrimNews.co.uk CountyArmaghNews.co.uk CountyFermanaghNews.co.uk CountyLondonderryNews.co.uk Donations to Admin
  19. J

    _co_uk www.verbalized.co.uk

    For Sale possible usage: communications, literature, poetry, social networking, music, news, etc... for details visit the domain
  20. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk ManchestersNews + LiverpoolsNews

    Not sure on the true values of these so if anyone wants to kick off with an offer on them. ManchestersNews LiverpoolsNews Post or PM I will then go from there. Cheers
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