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  1. Thesyndicate

    Big List of UK domains have to GO now give offers!

    advt.co.uk cordbloodbanking.co.uk eventphotographer.uk funphotobooth.co.uk gaysextube.co.uk gymlondon.co.uk heartattack.co.uk joomlaextensions.co.uk latinaescorts.co.uk linuxsupport.org.uk londonadvertisingagency.co.uk londoncomputers.co.uk londonflowerdelivery.co.uk londonvirtualoffice.uk...
  2. D

    Premium Whiskey domain for sale - WhiskeyCentre.com

  3. D

    XYZ Bundle Domains for Sale (including Antispyware.xyz)

    Fantastic keyword xyz domains available, bundle of 7 which include Antispyware.xyz. Make offer now guys :) casino365.xyz Go Daddy Valuation - 126 Expiry Date - ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2019 dismissal.xyz Go Daddy Valuation - 100 Expiry Date - ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2019 gamble247.xyz Go Daddy Valuation - 100 Expiry Date...
  4. D


    Taking offers for Premium whiskey domain. Drop me a message for details, offers, inquiries. Domain is registered via GoDaddy. Payment via Paypal / BACS.
  5. paymatters

    Premium Domains for sale

    A few were posted on a now closed thread i.e. bargains,vouchers,offers etc. I received an update yesterday saying they are now for sale on website dnoffer co uk
  6. S

    Fnix.eu - Has traffic (was a hungarian funny blog)

    Hi! I made a website: fnix.eu, it was a blog, sharing funny pics, vids, text, webhost expired this month, but I had some hundreds daily visitors, as you can see here: http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.fnix.eu It was a HUNGARIAN site, so Hungarian traffic. I am selling it because I can't keep...
  7. D

    _org_uk webcast

    Looking for offers on webcast (dot)org(dot)uk Local exact searches - 1000 per month Global exact searches - 22200 per month Average cpc - £3.15 Great commercial domain for the webinar/webcast industry.
  8. satch

    _co_uk OM3.co.uk - Low £XX Offers Welcome

    DOMAIN NOW SOLD. thanks :)
  9. B

    _org_uk GuitarPro

    Open to offers: GuitarPro.org.uk Replies by thread or PM equally welcome :D BillyRichards
  10. D

    How to respond to a speculative Domain Offer

    Hi all I have an online portfolio of domains like many people here. Many of these I am not actively selling but are there open to offers and from time to time offers do come in for the domains. Most of those offers are not even worth responding to, however, some are, or look to be...
  11. khalid

    _co_uk EliteKit

    Very brandable domain name elitekit.co.uk Online Registered at 123-reg Any offer considered :)
  12. L

    _co_uk ultimateoffers (SedoListing: £200 negotiable)

    ultimateoffers (SedoListing: £90 negotiable) Parked at sedo Ultimateoffers.co.uk - ultimate offers Resources and Information. This website is for sale! now looking for >> £90 << but still open to offers PM on here or offer on sedo Thanks!
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