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  1. M

    UKBackorder Auction flintham-museum.org.uk

    .org.uk Available on ukbackorder Stats available Majestic Backlinks: 649 | Majestic Referring Domains: 44 | Majestic EDU Backlinks: 1 | Majestic EDU Referring Domains: 1 | Majestic Citation Flow: 10 | Majestic Trust Flow: 11 | Moz DA: 26 | Moz PA: 21 Ends Wed 25/09 Starting at 50GBP
  2. M

    UKBackorder Auction woodlands.org.uk

    New catch with some stats Available for auction at ukbackorder Starting 35GBP Ends 25/08, sunday just after songs of praise. set your reminders now. Stats: Moz DA: 21 | Moz PA: 11
  3. M

    UKBackorder Auction welsh-canoeing.org.uk

    Available for auction at ukbackbackorder.com Majestic Backlinks: 552 | Majestic Referring Domains: 90 |More stats available great travel or event domain (if you want to go wales and use a canoe) Ends 23rd August. 50GBP on the blocks
  4. G


    Mvr.org.uk Price - £40 Tag change possible. thanks
  5. pbnetworker

    High authority domains ideal for PBN, Money site and 301 Redirects

    Hi all, We are due to launch our new website http://privateblognetworker.com over the next few days where we will be advertising a large sum of .co.uk and .org.uk domains (amongst many other tld's) each with high page authority and/ or pagerank. Here's a sneak preview of what's on offer...
  6. C

    Bulk .co.uk and .org.uk domain search without limits

    Hi, I need to find a service where you can do bulk availability searches for .co.uk and .org.uk domains without limits? most only allow up to 1000 domains at a time and that is highly restrictive for my needs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.
  7. C

    12 High Authority indexed .org.uk / .co.uk perfect for PBN from £25 ea

    I have been setting up Private Blog Networks (PBN's) for many years and know what it takes to boost rankings using them, the following domains are of very high quality and ideal for passing link juice. All you would need to do is add content related to your desired niche and point links to your...
  8. R

    _org_uk 12 x animals - squid, skunk, hawk etc.

    aardvark gerbil hare hawk (surname) hyena jackal moose mule newt skunk squid vulture All .org.uk and all open to reasonable offers plus applicable nominet fees.
  9. bmx

    _org_uk ULU.org.uk

    ULU.org.uk Buyer pays Nominet Registrant Transfer fee PayPal or Bank Transfer Send PM if you want to buy.
  10. bmx

    _org_uk 10 LLL.org.uk Domains

  11. bmx

    *****BIG List >> co.uk and org.uk << For Sale NOW*****

    Removed to update
  12. bmx

    *****BIG List >> co.uk and org.uk << For Sale NOW*****

    Moved here
  13. BG

    DomainLore Auction Swimwear.org.uk

    Hi Guys, For all you .org.uk fans and SEO guru's > Domain : Swimwear.org.uk Link : http://domainlore.co.uk/Swimwear.org.uk Exacts : 40,500 Nice keyword with good exacts. Happy Bidding All. Barry
  14. E

    uk Claim domains with BINS

    Claim domains with BINS whiplashclaim.org.uk - £2K+VAT whiplashinjuryclaim.co.uk - £2K+VAT claimingcompensation.co.uk – £2K+VAT whiplash-claim.co.uk – £1.5K+VAT small-claim.co.uk - £1.5K+VAT claimsolicitors.co.uk - £1.5K+VAT whip-lash.co.uk - £1.5K+VAT Deals available on 3 or more...
  15. E

    uk Loan domains with BINs

    Loan domains with BINs compareloan.co.uk - £3K+VAT unsecuredloan.org - £3K+VAT homeownerloan.org.uk - £2K+VAT compareloans.org.uk - £2K+VAT compareloan.org.uk - £2K+VAT cheapestloan.org.uk - £2K+VAT loancalculators.co.uk - £2K+VAT loanscalculator.org.uk - £1.5K+VAT...
  16. A

    _org_uk Locker.org.uk

    Locker.org.uk BIN set at £150, but consider offers. (buyer pays Nom.)
  17. edo

    Couple of pure .org.uk product names - silly prices

    BaseballCap.org.uk - £20 LuggageSet.org.uk - £10 £25 for the pair. Both names are under the same Nominet account. Buyer pays transfer fee, payment by Paypal. PM or post SOLD in thread. Cheers, Ed
  18. A

    _org_uk Handful of product names

    Just a few suitable for mini-sites, selling as a group: mannequin.org.uk stethoscope.org.uk corsage.org.uk £60 for the group. All on same tag (Heart), buyes pays Nom. fee.
  19. A

    _org_uk Pergola.org.uk

    Pergola.org.uk for sale, BIN set at £250, buyer pays Nom fee.
  20. A

    _org_uk Jill.org.uk

    Inviting offers for Jill.org.uk (buyer pays Nom.)
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