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    Earnings Opportunity - Requires Adsense a/c and Twitter - Update

    Just to update you on the latest news for Upvote / Downvote - Vote with a Tweet we now have a fully featured WordPress plugin available that allows you to place topic banners as a widget for the sidebar, by shortcode, and above and below post pages. Quick Overview... - No registration, no...
  2. srccode

    Good Directory Script?

    Looking for something that's quick and easy to setup with a half decent template. Anybody tried the WP plugin?
  3. golddiggerguy

    Shopp plugin

    Just trying this great plugin for word press out which seems to be the dogs bx shopplugin.net Lets you intergrate PayPal with a API Sig which can be generated instantly by paypal. I'll have a play and report back. It's £35 ish but seem worth it to me. :D
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