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  1. Transcom ISP

    Software Price Change (DCS) - Auction SSO updated

    Software The Single Shot Dropcatch software (DCS) is now on offer at £49 + vat (from £215), one time payment, you can also lease it running on a dedicated linux server. Check all software options here. Integrated Auctions We have now moved the auction service from the backorder (transcom.uk)...
  2. ClassicalGuitar

    _co_uk £14 Each - Small Portfolio

    Ended, thanks
  3. ClassicalGuitar

    _co_uk £12 Each - Portfolio of 217 Domains

    Ended, thanks
  4. carlosjay

    _co_uk Quality Clearance List: £50 each or 3 for £120

  5. carlosjay

    Small Quality Clearance List

  6. A

    _co_uk £400 For All 28 Domains

    BeautyUnlimited.uk BeautyWay.co.uk BestPlays.co.uk Boleros.co.uk BookKeepingCompany.co.uk BookTraders.uk Calderas.co.uk CelloCases.co.uk CompanywWebsite.co.uk DreamBedroom.co.uk FastMatch.co.uk FishingAndHunting.co.uk FurnitureForHome.co.uk LabelSupplier.uk LinkPay.co.uk LoanLender.co.uk...
  7. M

    Flip UK Auction Medical Domain - Portfolio

    The Holy Grail of Medical Domains At medicalpages.co.uk we have 340+ premier medical domain names up for sale. All domains nicely aged to enhance SEO. Contact us with selected domains and your offer for bulk or single domain purchases. You can reach us by email [email protected] or...
  8. F

    Clearance sale! BIN FOR £3 ONLY! (for most of them)

    Clearance sale! BIN FOR £3 ONLY! Just let me know the domain(s) you want! (I have no reserve, except that the domains get sold at other marketplaces.) 4uchannel.com 4ufocus.com amazingnanotech.com arabian2day.com arabianmuseum.com asianbankcard.com - SOLD asianbankcards.com awesome2day.com...
  9. bmx

    _org_uk 10 LLL.org.uk Domains

  10. satch

    uk 40 domains, inc SpidermanActionFigures.co.uk and other nice names

    40 domains £1 per domain, so £40 for all Can break into small portfolios if wish Buyer pays Nominet fees Toy Related TransformersActionFigures.co.uk BatmanActionFigures.co.uk SpidermanActionFigures.co.uk RadioControlledTrucks.co.uk RadioControlledVehicles.co.uk ChildrensPlayhouse.org.uk...
  11. D

    Superfooduk (.) co.uk portfolio

    Hi, I'm selling a Superfood portfolio. superfooduk buysuperfood bestsuperfood cheapsuperfood discountsuperfood superfood4u wholesalesuperfood All .co.uk extensions. Reduced to: £275 for the lot. Payment by paypal. Post "sold" if you want to buy them. Thanks, Daniel
  12. mozza

    Small portfolio for quick sale

    Moving house so am liquidising everything I own ;) Please take a look at the following list, some good ones in there some with great potential. Preferably want to sell as one bulk sale. Any offers will be considered. Thanks. 13ct.com 1html.com 1jew.com 20de.com 24hourloan.net 2jew.com...
  13. khalid

    _co_uk Door and Lock related - Rankings, Earnings and Potential

    Hello All, Selling a portfolio of door domain names with rankings and earnings... I have a quotes form on the sites which I used to generate leads which I passed on for free initially. I then changed to Adsense and the sites were making close to $100 per month. I then changed back to...
  14. khalid

    _co_uk Mix bag of .co.uk - Some worth a look!

    Industry PlumbingCompanies.co.uk - comes with website on page 2 of Google. SolarPanelSuppliers.co.uk GlazingSuppliers.co.uk PrivateChiropractor.co.uk ukChiropractors.co.uk Home Furnishings ukComputerDesks.co.uk ukCoffeeTables.co.uk ukOakTables.co.uk ukDiningTables.com...
  15. M

    ezeeo.com, micopy.com, pipejet.com, swapzio.com, motism.com, bizwow.com, gekoh.com

    hi - i've been sitting on a few domain names hoping i might get a nice offer one of these days, but now i need cash, so here's my mini portfolio of 20 .coms. i will accept offers for individual domains or an offer for the whole lot. micopy.com pipejet.com bizwow.com ezeeo.com gekoh.com...
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